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Perception is never Perfection

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Perception is never Perfection
By: Diagoh Murad


“Justice if served with silence, it is the derision of Justice”

It is believe to be 21st century where science has its way to prove analytical reports on various projects, where once people thought earth to be flat science made their perceptions to see the earth and the surrounding planet in their true forms, but in all these happenings we never thought that some perception can make us go wrong, can let us decide something which is not true at all. If science has proved many of the mistaken theories of mankind as wrong and illusionary then it has done this in an explanatory way, everything we defined from the solar system to the galaxies all were in details when science came with the total studying of these natural structures, through investigation that is what makes one’s perception to be in true form of perfection.

For centuries people were arrogant by their own judgment that what ever seems to be happening must be real, the people who thought earth to be flat, people who think all Muslims are terrorist, people who thought Black people have no honor, people who think Pakistan is an Islamic State and people who think Baloch to be part of this unethical state, From all these perceptions not even a single came under microscope to be analyzed only one was solved the others are self made illusions from different mindset of peoples.

It is these illusions that have caused them to be ignorant to redefine their perception because what they see is not in its perfect form, If all Muslims were terrorist then the population of Muslims around the world (In Billions) would have caused the doom of civilization, if Black people had no honor then white folks have no regard for humanity either, If Pakistan is an Islamic State then the genocide of 3 Million Bengalis wouldn’t have occurred and another million of Bengali women wont have lost their honor to these savage beasts and last but not the least which was never given any chances to speak for their heart are the Baloch people taken forcefully under the claws of this immoral state, obsolete theory that Baloch are part of this State have caused the population of world to really believe this saying while if one ask the Baloch population that do they love to be called Pakistani, the answer will surely come in negative.

The false allegations that in today are believed to be written truths while the documents and reports are written by those personalities whom had no sense of history or the nature of the inhabitants. A Christian or Jew will always claim and malign the Muslims for the terrorist attacks and charge all the Muslim population to be guilty but if a Christian or Jew murder hundred of Muslims then what that Jew or Christian will be called “Messiah” (Hundred of Palestine Peoples are murdered by the State of Israel), if one Baloch signed an annexation document with Pakistan then that signed documents seals the faith of million other Baloch what if all these millions of Baloch have not accepted the merger and have revolted time by time (Which Baloch nation did from Prince Karim Khan to Brahamdagh Bugti) duly it was the duty of International powers to redo the case of Baloch nation by giving them a chance to speak for themselves but a black response came from these international powers, the boundaries that Pakistan claim as its own are forged by the watchmen of British servitude, the slave of British were given shares and bounties while the aggressors were thrown down.

The wrong perception created by the oppressors shows Baloch to be a patriot Pakistani by giving way to those Baloch who are less important in Baloch politics and nationalism, it has always been the case with the oppressor giving media coverage to those personalities who were never nationalist and never took the interest of nation has their own, same method is applied here in this occupied state of Balochistan. The nationalist are being killed and many are still languishing inside the torture cells while the so called leaders of Balochistan and so called nationalistic parties NP, BNP are making claims of zero atrocities committed.

The centuries old Baloch nation is being annihilated in a slow genocide way and the outside world have no queries over what Pakistan has planned for Baloch nation, from systematic abduction to dumping of bodies non have been shown in international level. Pakistani media proclaims itself to be free from any boundary while it still serves the army like all the other militant states, Pakistani media records “A Man marrying 2 Women at the same day” they can telecast “A sheep carrying four horns” but they never try to show the Pakistani people or the international media of what the Pakistani army is doing in Balochistan.

Pakistan print and electronic media is very much steady and aware of the regional dispute but it keeps its distance from the burning lava so that the wrath of Pakistani army won’t touch them or their profitable marketing business. They can broadcast Punjabis getting attacked in Balochistan but they never publish that Baloch activists and missing persons are being killed by the Pakistani army, remembering one Baloch leader who once said that “If I am being killed then how can I insure their safety”.

The Punjabis who gets killed are working for the intelligence agencies and yet Pakistani media transform them to be innocent and civilized while the local Baloch who has nothing to do with any thing is abducted, tortured for days (In some cases for years) & later family members find him dead and dumped then why the silence, why the lips are sealed and pens are halted, double standard media can never do justice so do the judiciary on which Chief Justice Iftikar Chaudhry keeps on repeating that “Justice will be served”.

From Human rights organizations to International Media none has permission to cross into the boundaries created by the army and paramilitary forces of Pakistan and yet the International powers are dumbfounded over the case of Balochistan, Obama administrations pressured to solve the case of missing persons has led the Pakistani forces to increase their phase in killing the missing persons, contract killers like the “Death Squad” are being given task to eliminate the remaining missing persons one body at a time. “Kill and Dump” policy is such cold-blooded that it shows the behavior of the state with the Baloch population, for the Pakistani forces this game is not new they had played it with Bengali nation and now they are doing it with Baloch nation.

Pakistani forces for mere fun kidnap teenagers, chokes them with ropes, burns their bodies with cigarettes, bash their toes with hammers, breaks their inner bones, puncture their minds and lungs with injections & after they have their ways with the person they carry them to their execution place and squad fires them on that place. Many bodies carried letters in their pockets where the killers write the identity of the bodies or worse they write abusive words for Baloch nationalism.

Arms Bounded, Head Bent, Knees broken, eyes gouged, tongue sliced & carved with markings are the identifications of a severe torture and beatings of Baloch political activists, if these are not eye openers then what will cause them to react, do they want all Baloch nation to be Bounded, Bended, Broken, Gouged, Sliced & Carved so that they can see what is happening in Balochistan, the interesting part of the story is that knowing every detail and inscriptions of many Baloch abductees the organizations working for human betterment doesn’t show any remorse to these victims instead they proclaim the victim to hush-up and work out their differences with the criminals.

In just recent days Dera Bugti, Sibi & Bolan were plunged in a grand operation and thousands of Bugti tribesmen were rounded up for interrogation and never returned their homes taken to unknown location (Military Cantonments), Sibi & Bolan operation led many Baloch locals to become homeless when Pakistani army bulldozed the whole town in retaliation of the attack from the Baloch freedom forces. Is justice being served? Question arises many times because justice in Pakistan is for sale whoever gives a higher bid, justice will be served according to his will, like in just recent days Chief Justice of Balochistan comfortably announced that missing Baloch persons are released and have returned to their homes while the family members of those missing persons claimed that their loved ones are still going through the worse kind of treatment and the justification which Chief justice of Balochistan provided is actually rubbing salt over the wounds of the family members.

International Powers have to correct their perception and do the thinking of what to do with Pakistan and its policies on Balochistan and Baloch nation, the program and developments which Pakistan keeps on repeating as Baloch perspective is different, Nawab Khair Bux Marri once put this as “Anti-Baloch Perspective” which is overall true, parliamentary baloch leaders have already shook their tails and sagged their tongues out but those who are opposing these projects are abducted, tortured & killed.

Forced projects and development can never develop the local Baloch nation because these developments have never been profitable for Baloch nation one fine example is the “Sui Gas Plant” built in the year 1958 it is going through many channels and reaching the deep regions of Punjab but Dera Bugti still suffers from gas supply, from 26 districts of Balochistan only 4 districts have fully stable gas supply while the rest uses the old method. Gwadar port projected as a grand employment opportunity lacks local people recruitment, from top engineers to labors all are employed from Islamabad because of the head quarter situated there.

If these are not Anti-Baloch perspective then what profit did the Rekodik or Saindek has given to Baloch nation, big chunk of profits are going to the foreign investors and companies, remaining chunk goes to the federal Government and in return dog bones are given to Balochistan Government.

Judicial Inquiries, Commissions & Packages all are dramas created by those who are in support of these extra judicial abductions and killings, the panel judges of the commission created for the recovery of missing persons registered 20 cases of Baloch missing while the census of missing persons is in thousand, if this is justice serving then it is better to protest and fight with the uncivilized institutions rather exclaiming for justice.

The reason Baloch nation is appealing to the international powers, human rights organizations and freedom loving people is because they are depressed that not only the Pakistani military forces but the democratic and civilian forces are also against them and both these institutions are working hand to hand to draw Baloch nation to their brink of extinction. While both these institutions stamp the Baloch movement for independence as foreign created but the truth is Baloch nation is the sole owner of this revolution and this movement is being run by Baloch nation, no foreign influence has created this movement, Baloch protested and fought for their independence when they were taken by force & occupied and they are still fighting for their autonomous state.

From top civilian officials to military generals all have the same reason of Baloch uprising that is its “Foreign Influenced” while concealing their brutality with Baloch nation, from abduction, harassment, killing, & military operations every possible torture has been implemented on Baloch nation. Pakistani government cries of Indian involvement, Israeli Involvement & American involvement in Balochistan but would never say that “We occupied Balochistan, We killed Millions of Baloch in the wake of five operations, We snatched their rights to live, We bombarded their towns & cities, We killed mothers, sisters & children of Baloch nation & We are now trying to annihilate Baloch nation”, keeping silence over the extra judicial killings and marking the Freedom fighters has miscreants wont wash away the crimes Pakistan and its forces have done inside Balochistan.

Now its upto the International powers to halt Pakistan’s barbarism and hear the requests of Baloch nation & do justice according to their perceptions and not from the false theories & reports summarized by Pakistan for their own purposes.




Pakistan continues abductions, kill and dump policy of Baloch student and political activists

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Two bullet-riddled bodies found near Turbat, three missing person found in severely injured condition, BRP member attack and wounded in Mashky, a resident of Pasi town of Balochistan has been abducted from Hub town.

Occupied Balochistan: Pakistan’s spy agencies tortured to death another two Baloch missing persons whose bodies were found from the Herrnok area, around 40 kilometres away from Turbat city, on Thursday morning. The incident triggered violence in Awaran, Mashkey and Turbat where two government offices and a Balochistan Rural Support Programme (BRSP) office were set on fire.

According to sources, a passer-by spotted the bodies and informed the Turbat Levies Thana. Levies official rushed to the spot and took the bodies to the Civil Hospital Turbat, where they were identified as comrade Abdul Qayyum, leader of the Baloch Student Organization (BSO-Azad) in Gwadar, and Jamil Yaqoob, a member of the Turbat zone of Balochistan National Party (BNP -Mengal). Hospital sources said comrade Qayyum received five bullets in his upper torso while Jamil Ahmed received three bullet wounds.

Family sources said Qayyum was taken from his residence in Gwadar on December 11. “Security personnel had arrested Qayyum and killed him during his illegal detention,” they said, adding that the case was also registered against FC personnel in the Gwadar Police Station.

Meanwhile sagaar publications, BSO-Azad’s official website, reported that the Organisation’s CC member Comerade Qayum Baloch was abducted on December 11, 2010 by Pakistan army from his house in Gawader and he was kept in segregation for 61 days. During the two months his whereabouts remained unknown to the BSO-Azad and his family members neither did he had any access to a legal representation. His brutally tortured and riddled with bullets body was found on Thursday Morning (10/02/2011) in herronk area near Turbat. “Marks of horrific torture on body of Qayum Baloch prove that during his detention period he had been subjected to severe torture and inhuman treatment”, sagaar reports read.

Qayum Baloch was one of the most politically conscience and active member of BSO-azad in Gwader area. Apart from being politically active Mr Baloch was also an active social worker and an advocate of human rights, a friend to almost every resident in his home city, Gawader.

Apart from this murder, another body was found in Heronk, which was identified as Jameel Yaqoob Baloch, who was abducted by Pakistan on 28th of August 2010, from Turbat. Jameel Yaqoob Baloch was a labor, working on wages to help his family. His body was severely tortured as Qayum Baloch’s was.

The statement published on the official website of BSO-azad further read that “Qayum Baloch’s murder certainly raises serious questions on the willingness or ability of the international peace rights campaigners to bring an end to the Human Rights abuses in Balochistan. Baloch Student Organization (Azad) believes that each of its activist, along with the support of the Baloch masses would continue the struggle of Kamber Chaker, Qayum Baloch, Sohrab Marri Baloch, Sami Baloch, Bebagr Baloch, Zahoor Baloch, Abid Rasool Baloch, Asim Kareem Baloch, young Majeed Baloch, Sikander Baloch, Junaid Baloch, Ilyas Nazar Baloch and all other prestigious names who have sacrificed their lives for liberation of their motherland and for creating a society based on justice and equality.

Three missing persons found in severely injured condition: Three Baloch disappeared person have been found in a critically wounded condition on National high at Jeewa Cross between Tuesday and Wednesday night. The victims hands were tied behind and they were blind folded. Levis staff has brought them to Suraab Police station.

The three badly injured youth have been identified as Sohrab Khan S/O Mir Jan Samali of Nemurgh region of Kalat town who has been abducted from Hub Chowki about one month ago, Shahzad Nadeem S/O Khan Mohammad Essazai as resident of Besima who had been abducted from a Hotel in Quetta along with Balochi folk singer Ali Jan Essazai Baloch in second week of January. The third victim has been named as Wali Mohammad S/O Mohammad Ismael Miragi a resident of Saarona area of Khuzdar. He was also abducted from Hub industrial town of Balochistan about one month ago.

On one their alive recovery send waves of happiness to their families whereas on the other hand all three youth are stated to be in critical condition. It must be mentioned here that last monthMr.Nasir Dagarzai was also found in a severely injured condition. According online Radio Gwank Balochistan, Nasir Baloch had been shot in the neck and legs but he survived miraculously. However, he had later succumbed to his injuries due to constant bleeding.

BRP member attacked in Mashky: unknown armed men open fire at a member of BRP (Baloch Republican Party), Liaqat Baloch here on Wednesday on his way back from Gujar Bazaar. The masked man fired live rounds at the BRP leader; Mr Baloch was immediately taken to Mashky’s Gujar Hospital where according doctor his condition is critical but stable.

Resident of Pasni abducted from Hub: Mr Abid Bashir Baloch a resident of Pasi town of Balochistan has been abducted by Pakistani security forces from Hub town. According to detail Mr Abid along with a cousin was travelling by his own car from Karachi to Pasi on Thursday night. When they arrived at Baba-e-Balochistan roundabout in Hub industrial town of Balochistan their car was stopped by personnel of security forces.

The forces after checking the IDs of both men have dragged Mr Abid out of his car and put him into another vehicle already parked alongside the road. They, however, allowed his cousin Mr Dad Baksh to continue his journey. The family of detained Baloch youth have register a case against his abduction at Hub police station.

بلوچ-فٹبال – بل فائٹنگ

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بلوچ-فٹبال – بل فائٹنگ

تحریر نواز بگٹی

بلوچستان اور خصوصاً مکران میں فٹبال کا کھیل شاید لوگوں کے جینز میں شامل ہے – لیکن بہت کم کسی نے دھیان دیا ہو گا کہ اس پورے کھیل میں سب سے زیادہ بیچارے فٹبال ہی کی درگت بنتی ہے – فٹبال دونوں جانب کے کھلاڑیوں کی تمام تر جارحیت کے باوجود کوئی شکایت کیے بنا تماشائیوں کی تفریح طبع کا سامان پیش کرتا ہے – اس پورے کھیل میں ریفری بھی غیر جانبدار ہونے کے باوجود فٹبال سے کوئی ہمدردی رکھنے کی بجاۓ ، خستہ و دریدہ فٹبال کو میدان ہی سے باھر کروا دیتا ہے –
بعینہ بلوچستان میں جاری جدوجہد آزادی کے پس منظر میں بلوچوں پر ہونے والے ظلم و ستم سے لطف اندوز ہوتی پنجابی اقوام بشمول میڈیا ،دونوں ٹیموں ( سرکاری افواج اور پنجاب پرست سیاست دان ) کے جان لیوا ٹھڈے کھاتی  بلوچوں سے فٹبال کی سی خاموشی کی آس لگاۓ بیٹھے ہیں  – اور انکی یہ امید کچھ غلط بھی نہیں ، تفریح کی خاطر چند ہزار نا کارہ ، جاہل ، اجڈ ، گنوار بلوچ نوجوان اگر اپنی جان سے ہاتھ دھو بیٹھتے ہیں تو کونسا آسمان ٹوٹ گرتا ہے – یا پھر غلام بلوچ اقوام کی کچھ سو بچیوں کو جنسی غلام بنا کر آقاؤں کی خوشی حاصل کی جاتی ہے تو کیا زمین پھٹ جاۓ گی، جو اس قدر شور و غوغا برپا کیا جاۓ کہ تماشائی ٹھیک طور سے کھیل کا لطف بھی نہ اٹھا پائیں -ریفری کا کردار ادا کرنے والی عالمی اقوام بھی شاید فٹبال کے میدان کے  ریفری سے بڑھ کر کوئی کردار سنبھالنے کے لیے تیار نہیں ہیں، انھیں بھی تماش بینوں کی تفریح سے بڑھ کر کوئی غرض نہیں  – پھر بھلا ان بلوچوں سے کوئی پوچھے کہ تم ایسے نا ہنجار کس طرح  کہتے ہو کہ بلوچوں سے کسی کو کوئی لگاؤ نہیں  اور کس نے کہہ دیا کہ  بلوچ عزیز نہیں ؟ کیا آپ لوگوں کو نہیں معلوم کہ فوٹبالر کو اپنے فٹبال سے کتنا لگاؤ ہوتا ہے ؟ وہ تو اسے رنگ برنگے جالوں میں حفاظت سے سجا کر رکھتا ہے ، تاکہ کھیل کے دوران وہ ایک بڑھیا فٹبال سے بہتر کھیل کا مظاہرہ کر سکے –
کیا بلوچ اپنے فٹبال کے مجوزہ کردار پر راضی با رضا ہیں؟ شاید نہیں ، شاید بلوچ اس خونی کھیل کو فٹبال سے زیادہ ، سپین کی معروف سانڈوں کی لڑائی / بل فائٹنگ سے قریب تر سمجھتے ہیں ، جس میں بلوچ میدان کار زار کے تمام لوازمات نظر آتے ہیں – ایک طاقتور سانڈ ، اس کے مقابلے میں با صلاحیت تربیت یافتہ بل فائٹر اپنی تمام تر جارحانہ حربوں ، دھوکے بازی کا چالوں سے لیس ، چند مددگار کہ جن کا فرض سانڈ کے بپھر نے کی صورت میں اسے مد مقابل کی جانب سے غافل کرنے  کے لئے اسکا دھیان بٹانا ہوتا ہے ، اور ریفری و تماشائی ہر میدان کی طرح اس کھیل کا بھی لازمی حصّہ ہوتے ہیں -اب بلوچستان میں معصوم لیکن طاقتور سانڈ کا کردار بلوچ کو دیا گیا ہے جبکہ روایتی حریف یعنی بل فائٹر پنجابی افواج ، اور دھیان بٹانے کے لئے نام نہاد حقوق اور صوبائی خود مختاری کے سرخ جھنڈے لہرانے والے قوم پرست پارلیمانی سیاست دان اپنا کام بخوبی انجام دے رہے ہیں- ریفری کا فطری کردار عالمی اقوام کے ہاتھوں میں ہے لیکن بل فائٹنگ رنگ کی طرح انکی ہمدردیاں بھی بل فائٹر کے ساتھ اور کوشش تماش بینوں کو بہترین تفریح فراہم کرنا ہے – تماش بین پنجابی پنجابی اقوام کو اپنی تفریح طبع کے خاطر اپنے فائٹر کو ہمیشہ جدید تربیتی مواقع فراہم کرنے کی فکر لاحق ہوتی ہے – لیکن کیا بنتا ہے جب یہ معصوم سانڈ منتظمین کی تمام تر انتظامات کی پرواہ کیے بغیر بپھر کراپنی طاقت کا مظاہرہ کرتے ہوۓ  فائٹر ، ریفری ، اور مددگار وں کے ساتھ ساتھ تماشایوں کو بھی روند ڈالتا ہے