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An emerging threat

In emerging threats on January 4, 2011 at 3:41 pm

MQM`s current efforts of infiltration in Balochistan –an emerging threat of colonist powers.

Leader of Mutahida Qomi Movement (MQM) Mr.Altaf Hussain in one of his speeches a few days ago requested Baloch youth to join MQM to secure their future. Before commenting his request let we try to analyze MQM a little. The most loyal and favorite of Pakistani colonial party is dominated by the forces that came from India to occupy the newly born state in 1947. On the fake interpretations of Muslim brotherhood they were deliberately injected by colonial forces to ensure the interests of their masters .Taking all the advantage of Sindhi culture of acceptance, tolerance, scarifications, and hospitality so called muhajirs made their way in the heart of Karachi. Once they got a little settled their wish to manipulate the political scenario of Sindh mobilized them an immense increase in their population. Nature takes its own pace of time and these exploiters were in real hurry so in early sixties they invited all the criminal and unaccepted Urdu speaking population of India in Sindh. Thus an artificial edge of population is achieved and power corridors of Sindh are permanently blackmailed by them. Sindhis inspired by fake interpretations of Muslim brotherhood are really worried of their guests, and now the guests claim to be owners of their lands. It’s not limited here the MQM developed a totally new vision through their poetries like “ ab koi aor sunat-e-hijrat ada keray to keray ….yay watan hamara hay , yay chaman humara hay”- It was not a political slogan just but a warning to the sons of soil , the Sindhi, to leave Karachi as the city no more belongs to them. Sindhi students, doctors, scholars, and poor workers had been abducted, tortured and saline brutally by these stooges of ISI and MI. The fascist organization even used to kill the people over petty Skin collection on the occasions of EID. All this is part of history and practice continues till date. Though history is unchangeable as a famous quote “Even God cannot change the history” but MQM is continusely trying to portray a secular, tolerant, and brotherly face for all the nations.

It isn`t the all about MQM but a very brief description. For Balochs it is really very easy to get rid of Punjabis , because the Punjabis got a piece of land , they leave to their home land when feared around , but where the hell these homeless beggars and black mailers will go if they succeed an invasion in Balochistan? If the hundreds of thousands of these Muhajirs are brought and settled in Balochistan should we start another movement to throw them in the deep waters of Baloch Gulf? Let me mention the truth that they have already grabbed the ownership title of valuable land on the both sides of coastal highway through fake allotments .It should be considered as the first step to fulfill their dream to bring back Pakistani spies trapped in Bengal, (known as Bihaaris or so called Mehsooreen Pakistan). I want to draw the attention of All Balochs, especially the sarmachaars to warn those traitors who are playing in the hands of MQM, their so called greedy unit, and sector in charges in Balochistan who are trying to sale out their nation for a few pints of wine.