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The Jang Group and her militery advisory services. (by Nawaz Bugti)

In Role of Pakistani media on December 26, 2010 at 6:38 pm

A senior journalist and columnist of a daily Urdu news paper Jang, Mr.Irfan Siddiqui who portrayed himself the very well wisher of Balochs in his columns a few days ago. His holy pen writs today  a great piece of advice for his friend Mr. Colonel Khalid the spokesman of ISPR .Though he presents him a wise person in the same article but not capable to handle such a situation and suggests a full fledged office of ISPR with senior office bearers. His sympathetic  article for Balochs was focused on the arrest of Mr. Shahzain Bugti .Criticizing the information sharing strategy of the forces he writes , “ The basic and  most important question is who was the wisest to present such a golden idea that all the operation got televised on almost every channel.”  In the same paragraph he adds “FC could have issued a small press note stating that Shahzain Bugti was carrying a huge quantity of ammunition, FC seized the ammunition and booked Mr. Bugti for further investigations.”

As he thinks media got a great influence and widespread information of state atrocities may strengthen the feelings of deprivation among Balochs.

What the Balochs think of him and how they may pay him thanks for such a deep concern it really does not need any debate, but the journalistic ethical span of his advice is debatable.

The fears of a Pakistani patriot may not be false as the words do speak but photo journalism really changed the norms .In the information age journalism seems incomplete without Photos (weather still or the movies). Photos express more than words in very small span of time comparatively. One with meager knowledge may easily understand very complex phenomena. Here the question is if this patriotism does not compromise the professional responsibilities of a journalist? As journalism is often termed as the first draft of history , so the morality of a responsible journalist must  follow a question mark if he advocates hiding  the facts to secure interests of a specific group.

In the same article gentleman expresses his anger upon the former president Mr. Musharaf. He tries to fix all the responsibility of ongoing atrocities upon said president. Here he really forgets the fact that it was his same fake patriotism of “Sab Say Pahlay Pakistan” .In the fake name of greater national interests president Musharaf carried out genocide so he must not be blamed by person who is supporting the same act or it will be  hypocrisy in his account of a journalism.

In recent past the Pakistani media widely complained about a boycott by Balochs. If it is the way they think and keep advising such nonsense to the oppressing state authorities than how do they justify their complaint.

If it will be wrong to boycott an advisory board to FC in form of Jang group? Just give it a thought and let me know as well.

–          Focused Article of Mr. Siddiqui is published in daily Jang @26-12-2010

–          FC , (Frontier Corps) The Para military force involved in the major operations and regular army uses the same uniform and shelter very often.

–          ISPR – Inter Services Public Relations.