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Higher the awareness of oppression, highest the atrocities of oppressor. (By Nawaz Bugti)

In Baloch genocide on December 27, 2010 at 2:36 am

Higher the awareness of oppression, highest the atrocities of oppressor.

As the masses get more aware of their right of liberation, so the ruling state atrocities get more brutal than ever. All the immoral, and inhuman, but effective tactics of ethnic cleansing are applied on a very large scale. Custodial killings, abduction, rape and managed shoot outs are used as proven instruments of deprivation. To carry out crime of genocide silently a be-very-afraid approach is followed and Human Right activists, Students and Journalists are systematically targeted.

To justify the worst fifth columnists are raised and all the available resources are utilized at optimum level including press and media as propagation tools, to distract the international community of real issue. Criminals of the society are sorted and financed as the helping hands.

Pakistan’s military lead fifth largest operation in Balochistan is equipped with all such instruments. Particularly its decision to arrest and interrogate any suspect and torture them till death is the worst in Baloch history. Almost 80 mutilated bodies have been found in past two months and the practice is continuing till date. While drafting these lines a TV ticker is alarming about four mutilated bodies found in Quetta.

Military action with its idea of political face is eye opening for all those who believe in parliamentary solution of Baloch oppression.

Ruling Pakistan People’s Party took three years complaining the inherited problems of Balochistan .In fact they did never try to oversee the intelligence agencies and key policy decisions of military in Balochistan. One has right to say that PPP assured to take credit of a conqueror by supporting the military action through its interior minister Mr.Rehman Malik.

Awami National Party a coalition partner of PPP in center facilitated and accepted Butcher of Balochs Mr. Awais Ahmed as Governor of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa.

Mutahida Qomi Movement of Mr. Altaf Hussain, another coalition partner of PPP in Sindh and Center got exclusive ranking enjoying Musharaf regime as same.

Pakistan Muslim League (N) can be treated a little different from others as its status of being largest political party of Punjab. PML (N) is ruling Punjab and hypocritically managing the role of opposition in Center. Their leader Mr.Nawaz Shareef is waiting for the day when he will enjoy the absolute authority in Pakistan than he may help Balochs (stated in one of his recent talk with local media).  The silence of all the mainstream political parties of the state proves their approval and acceptance of massacre. Though a few politicians show their concerns through poor press notes, but all this practice is just an exercise.

All they really forget the fact when one cannot coup with the fear he starts enjoying it, same is the case with Baloch Nation now. This fear factor is turned in to their strength, current rise in the street combats of Quetta can be quoted as the examples of their newly gained strength. History witnessed the protest of Baloch women for the first time during this freedom movement. Freedom fighters are getting stronger by every brutal act of the State. On one side is a Balochs commitment with his national cause while on other hand a bunch of greedy paid mercenaries. Baloch got a natural moral edge in the war.

The main stream Nationalists and the influential Tribal Chieftains should be helping their people to secure generations, not serving their masters to be kept the “Mir Jaffar of Bangal” in Baloch history.

The silence of international community and Human Rights organizations is extremely regrettable. International justice system does not allow any detention without framing a charge in any case. Custodial killing and state managed rapes are never accepted by any community. A serious check should be imposed on utilization of International aid for war against terror which is feared being used for terror against Balochs instead. Regional powers are required to take Balochs onboard concerning any strategic decisions.