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Balochistan 2010

Detailed Report on Balochistan, year 2010:-

– This report is prepared and published by BSO-AZAD , and can be viewed at their official website http://www.sagaar.com

– All the facts reported here , are thoroughly verified by different means, supporting evidences are available if required by any Human Rights organization .


3rd: Three Balochs, namely Saeed Kardi, Abdul Jalil Mir Balochzai and Jabir Yarmohammedzai were abducted from Kash, Iranian Occupied Balochistan.

4th: The Voice for Missing Baloch Person and family members have besieged the Balochistan Assembly. As a protest against illegal disappearances.

7th: Eight Balochs have been killed in an indiscriminate firing incident in Hassan Lashkari Village (a Baloch populated area) in Karachi by a militant ally of Pakistan government M.Q.M.  Family members of the murdered men encircled the Sindh CM house. And more than 50 Balochs were arrested after theses incidents.

11th: Committee of Balochistan Human Rights Activists in [Iran] has reported that A number of political prisoners sentenced to death in Balochistan. The group said that the accurate number of people sentence to death is not available but it is believed that dozens Baloch have been awarded sentences.

Few of them were:

– Abdul Rahman Naruee S/O Khalqdad

– Abed Gwahramzahi

– Abdul Hamid Regi S/O Azaad Regi

– Abduljalil Regi S/O Jan Mohammad Regi

– Nasser S/O Shahbaksh

– Mahmoud Regi S/O Nazar

15th: Three Balochs were injured due to the indiscriminate firing of Coast Guards of Pakistan near Pishkan’s coastal area.

15th: Pakistani FC (frontier Corps) have open indiscriminate fire on a peaceful rally of Baloch National Front (BNF) as a result two BSO (Azaad) members have been killed and several others seriously injured. The seriously injured Baloch activists Liaqat Baloch, Zafar Baloch, Inayat Baloch and Farid Baloch have been shifted to hospital for immediate treatment. The Martyred Baloch students have been named as Ali Dost Baloch and Sadam Baloch (who is said be only 14 years old) . The Baloch students were protesting against the killings of innocent Baloch in Karachi. BNF had given the call for wheel jam and shutter down strike on 15 January.

21st: Balochistan Human Rights activists Associations (Iranian occupied Balochistan) have reported that a 26 year old Baloch activist Mr Allah Nazar Baloch has been executed in the City of Khash prison.

23rd: Khodayar Rahmat-Zehi-Shahnavazi, 35, executed by Iran after spending 4 years in prison.

25th: The Pakistan government decided to build a Naval Base in one of the historical regions of Gwader known as“KALMAT CHUNDI HORE”,  30,000 Kilometers area of the said region have been included to the map of Naval Base. A large number of residents of the region had to shift to other locations because of the government’s decision;  thousands of fishermen  lost their jobs as their work areas were occupied by Pakistan Navy.

25th: BSO (Azaad) students attacked in Punjab Sahiwal.


2nd: Quetta: Mother of Shah Nawaz Marri in press conference revealed that her son has been abducted by Pakistani intelligence agencies at gun point.

2nd: Baloch Human Right Council of [Canada] wrote a letter to Mr Ban Ki Moon the secretary General of the UN regarding the human rights abuses in Balochistan.

3rd: Turbat/Pasni: High schools Blangor students took to streets against the drug dealers in Pasni and adjourning areas. The police baton charged and shot live rounds to disperse the demonstrations injuring 3 students.

4th: Makuran: – A complete shutter-down and Wheel jam strike was observed in Kech (Makran) belt of Balochistan on Thursday on B.N.F.’s call against Frontier Corps (FC) check posts and delay in recovery & release of Baloch abducted persons, and forced allotment of Baloch peoples’ lands to Pakistan Navy in Ormara’s Kalmat region.

5th: Wadh:The management of a hotel in Wadh were harassed and physical violence was committed against the workers by Pakistan army for asking the head of the convoy to pay the bill.

5th: Quetta: In separate press statements the relatives of Attaullah Baloch, Qabeer Baloch, Mushtaq Baloch, Ali Asghar Bangulzai Baloch and Zakir Majeed Baloch have expressed grave fear that their loved one might have been harmed “physically eliminated” by the Pakistani intelligence agencies (MI and ISI).

5th: Asian Human Rights Commission reported that the life of Zakir Majeed, Central Vice Chairman BSO Azaad is in extreme danger in the torture cells of Pakistan.

5th: Mand: Pakistan army raided the house of Martyred Leader Ghulaam Muhammed and took his family hostage and harassed them.

9th: Quetta: Baloch National Voice, a Baloch pro-independent organization complied and released a graphic list of 1086 Baloch abducted political activists.

9th: Interfaith International, representing Baloch issue in United Nations was suspended.

13th: A complete wheel jam and shutter down strike was observed in several cities of Balochistan including Kalat, Mastung, Kadh-Kocha, Mongchar and other areas on B.N.F.’s call against illegal abductions and harassment of Baloch students.

15th: Members of B.S.O. (Azaad) Waseem Baloch and Najeeb Baloch were nominated to be involved in a bomb blast by a Major of Pakistan army without substantial evidence to support his claim.

18th: Quetta: Action Committee for affected people Gurandani, darbela South and North Sarbander Gwader Allah Bux Baloch, Mahmood, Nasir Karim Baloch and others requested international organizations to take notice of Pakistan government’s occupation on their ancestral lands.

19th: Frail mother of BRP’s information secretary Mr Jalil Reki appealed to the UN, International Red Cross and Asian Human Rights commission to intervene and play their role for the release of thousands of Baloch abducted activists.

19th: Noshki: Activists of BRP (Baloch Republican Party) observed a protest rally against the sentencing Haji Jhanzeb and Zufliqar to ten years each and registering cases against another eleven members of the party.

20th: Students attacked in punjab.

20th: Iran executed a Baloch prisoner, Haji Dadollah Moradzehi, after eight months of imprisonment in the city of Zahedan. Meanwhile, Ahmad-Reza Rashidi, the Deputy Public Prosecutor in Ahvaz, revealed sentences for 38 executions and retributions as well as 4 ruthless amputations in Ahvaz since March 2009.

21st: Family members and hundreds of other Baloch women and children took to streets against the abduction of thousands of Baloch political activists. They protested for several hours on Adalat road Quetta and insisted to go the Governor House but the Pakistani security forces did not allow them.

23rd: Pakistan decided to build a second naval base in the region of Gwadar, known as Kalmat Chundi Hore. 30,000 acres of land was set aside for the proposed naval base resulting in displacement of thousands of people.

23rd: British parliament notifies and shows concern on the human rights abuses in Pakistani Occupied Balochistan.

27th: The aged mother of Kabeer Baloch appeals international organizations to get his son released who was abducted in March 2009 by Pakistan.


1st:Central spokesman of Baloch Bar feared that Abdul Malik Regi will also be executed if the UN did not intervene.

1st: Pakistan attacks a cultural event organized by B.S.O. (Azaad) resulting in death of Junaid Baloch and Sikander Baloch, injuring more than 24, icluding Ayub, Malik Zain, Zulfiqar, Mujtaba, Bilawal, Gul Hassan, Abdul Haq, Shahnawaz ,Jaasim, Ubaidullah,Zafar Iqbal, Noor Muhammad, Qurban, Lecturer Waqar Ahmed, SHoaib, Jaasim, Shakeel Ahmed, Saeed Ahmed, Waseem Ul Ghani, Umar Jan, Beebagr, Nasrullah.

2nd: Pakistan security forces  raided a village in Ghirsani area of Kohlu Marri agency in Balochistan, and open indiscriminate fire. Seven members of the same family have been arrested for refusing to collaborate with Pakistan’s authorities to exploit the natural resources in Chamaling area. The abducted men have been named as Hyrat Khan S/O Shakal, Shakal S/O Alihan, Raheem Khan S/O Dost Mohammad, Rasool Khan S/O Dost Mohammad, Imam Bux S/O Dur Mohammd, Allah Bux S/O Dur Mohammad and Muala Bux S/O Dur Mohammd.

2nd: A complete shutter down and wheel jam was observed in Khuzdar, Wadh, Naal and adjoining areas against the Khuzdar cultural program incident.

6th: Shutter down and wheel jam protest was observed all over Balochistan for the third successive day against Khuzdar incident on B.S.O. Azaad’s call.

14th: Baloch, Sindhi and other International Human Rights activists came together to address a conference and to protest against Pakistan’s atrocities in Sindh and Balochistan, on the 13th Session of the Human rights Council in Geneva.

15th: Over two dozens relatives of various Baloch missing persons started a long march from the Shall (Quetta) to Islamabad to press the Pakistan for an early recovery missing people.

15th: Pakistan announced to sentence Banok Karima Baloch Vice Chairperson B.S.O.  (Azaad), Saeeda Baloch, Saima Baloch and Peer Jan Baloch for five years.

17th: Majeed Baloch (junior) was brutally murdered by Pakistan’s decadent security forces in Shall.

19th: Turbat: Barkat S/O Mulla Ibrahim and Walid S/O Yousaf Baloch, residents of Zamran region of Kech district have been murdered by Iranian security forces’ firing.

23rd: B.S.O. (Azaad) organised three days hunger strike in front of Karachi press club to demand the immediate recovery of abducted Baloch student and political activists, and against the illegal occupation of Balochistan.

27th: Complete strike all over Balochistan and a protest was held in U.K. to mark the day when Pakistan occupied Balochistan in 1948.

29th: Yar Khan Marri, Sikandar Marri, Bhawal Marri and Abdul Majeed Marri were abducted by Pakistan while they were on thier way back to look for thier abducted relative Murad Khan Marri.


2nd: Police and Coast guards combinedly broke into the houses of the locals in Pasni, arresting six people including a 18 year old student Saghir Bashir. The locals were harrassed and physically assaulted Baloch women. Others who were arrested were Nizam Nazar, Amir Buksh, Usman, Adnan, SherJan and Dilbar.

2nd: BNM activist Mahboob Wadhela Baloch, son of Mir Abdul Nabi Bangulzai, Bohair Bangolzai abducted by Pakistan army.

3rd: First anniversary of the martyrs of Murghaap was observed throughout Balochistan.

4th: Military offensive in severeal areas of Dera Bugti including Mero, Shah Poor, Chattar Flanji, Suri, Khatan, Shahzain and Bandarag, where children and women were harrassed and assaulted by Pakistan army.

5th: Family of Ghaffar Langov set up a token hunger strike protest in front of Quetta Press Club and family, friends and party colleagues of Mahboob Wadhela Baloch have demanded his immediate release.

7th:  Pakistan’s security forces shot dead a political activist Abdul Haq Samalani in Naal, Khuzdar.

8th: Five Balochs namely Kamal Khan Marri, Laeya Marri, Lala Marri and Lal Mohammd Marri were abducted by Pakistan on Hazar Ganjo road.

10th: A shutter down protest was observed in Gawader against the abductions of Baloch political activists.

10th:  Sher Mohammad son of Mirza Shah Bux Baloch was killed in Zahidan prison by Iran.

11th: A Baloch journalist along with five colleagues was abducted by Pakistan army from Turbat.

13th: Murad Khan Marri, who remained incommunicado for nine months and was brought into the limelight by the Frontier Corp (FC), disappeared again while in the custody of FC.

15th: Two young girls, both sisters, aged 11 and 13, were severely injured in an acid attack in Dalbandin City, district Chaghai, Balochistan. The attack was carried out by Pakistan’s secret agencies to promote religious violence in Balochistan.

17th: Iran hanged two Balochs in southern city of Kerman, named Feizollah and Nazar Baloch.

19th: Baloch students were assaulted by a group of Punjabi students in Bahawalpur, resulting in severe injuries to Shabir Baloch, Raza Ali Marri and Shahab Baloch.

20th: Pakistan unleashed a massive search operation in Baloch-populated localities of Quetta city, killing the mother of a Baloch political activist and rounding up around two hundred people hailing from various spheres of life.

25th: Rahim Baloch was shot dead by police caliming him to be a terrorist and hence not providing any proves to support thier claim.

26th: Quetta Police arrested 42 Balochs from Sariab area without mentioning the reasons behind the arrests.

26th: Pakistani Military started a military operation in Talli and surrounding areas, near Sibi. Military poisoned the water puddles, looted of valuables from people’s houses and tryied to kidnap Baloch women during the operation.

29th: Three little girls were victimised of acid attacks in the continuation of Pakistan’s policies to promote religious violence in Balochistan.

30th: Mach region’s tribal and social leaders Habib Marri and Malook Marri were abducted by Pakistan army while they on their way to appear in ATF (Anti Terrorist Force) court in Sibi.


7th: Three Balochs were injured due to firing by the Iranian Security Forces (SF) in Talab Area.

7th: Shabir Sheikh CCPO  Quetta talking to newsmen after the inauguration of Police Child Protection Centre at Jinnah Town said the only solution to the problem of target killing “is target killing in retaliation.”

9th: Torture cell discovered in Dera Bugti which is being supervised by Pakistan and holds more than 200 Balochs.

10th: Farooq Mengal, 30, abducted from luck pass area by Pakistan army.

11th: Farmers in Balochistan observed a strike against prolonged power cuts, due to which thier crops were destroyed.

13th: The family of Zakir Majeed B.S.O. (Azaad) Senior vice chairman from Balochistan urged United Nations to take notice of the abduction of Zakir and other abducted Balochs.

15th: The Pakistani Taliban supported by Pakistan army sent threatening letters to schools in Balochistan areas bordering Iran and Afghanistan, which has forced the institutions to shut down.

19th: A shutterdown strike was observed in  Balochistan against the arrest of Baloch students by the police from Balochistan university.

20th: Baloch National Voice strongly condemned the Quetta jail administration and ATF for the mistreatment and torture of Baluch pro-independent leaders Wahid Qambar Baluch, Mir Qadir Baluch and Haji Murad Khan Marri.

21st: Ishfaq Mullazai, 25, abducted by Pakistan army from Sariyab, Quetta.

21st: Pakistan refuses to allow United States to open a consulate in Quetta.

23rd: A so called judicial commission constituted by the Supreme Court of Pakistan refused to enrol the statement of Zakir Majeed Baloch’s relatives making an excuse that his name was not on the list of disappeared people.

24th: Abdolhamid Rigi, a political prisoner who endured a long period of pressure and torture in Iranian regime’s jails, was hanged  in Zahedan prison.

24th: As part of the ‘International Struggle Week Against Disappearances’, ICAD held a very detailed and informative public meeting on the subject of ‘Disappearances, Impunity and Global Justice’ in SOAS University in London on Saturday 22nd May. The abductions in Balochistan were highlighted in the meeting.

24th: Dr Naseem Baluch along with his two friend Yaseen Baluch and Elyas Baluch was whisked away by Pakistani security forces from Bolan Mendical College Quetta.

28th: Shutter down protest all over Balochistan and a protest in Washington DC against the nuclear explosion carried out in Balochistan.

30th: Police shot dead a political activist Naseer  Langov and injured five others , as it fired on a protest against the indiscriminate arrests in Baluchistan

30th: ICAD (UK section) marked the last day of “International Struggle Week again Disappearance” by holding a Vigil in front of Westminster Cathedral here on Saturday afternoon. The participants of the Vigil held pictures of force-disappeared people from different countries including Latin America, Colombia, Kurdistan (Turky) and Baluchistan.

31st: Doctors and Para-medics have established a protest camp against the abductions and extra judicial killings of their fellow doctors by Pakistani government forces.

31st: The token hunger strike protest of Zakir Majeed’s family continues for the 18th day for discovery and release of Mr. Majeed, a senior vice chairman of BSO-azaad. Meanwhile talking to newsmen the sister of Zakir Majeed Baluch has said that her brother was abducted on 8 June 2009 by the intelligence agencies of Pakistan from Mastung, Baluchistan. “The aim of our porters is my brother’s recover, release and to seek justice, but the agents of Pakistan’s intelligence agencies have started to warn us of dire consequences; they are threatening harm us”.


1st: Pakistani armed forces launched a massive military operation in Dasht and Gawader with the hardcore conventional forces, backed by Jet fighters, helicopters, tanks and armored vehicles.

2nd: The Pakistani military has intensified its military offensives in the surrounding areas of Kech and Gwader. Military carried out a grand assault in the Mountainous areas of Dasht Baluchistan, including Talar, Katerinz, Saeyjee, Darrwar, Thump. Pakistan army’s fighter planes bombed the mountainous area between Thump and Blangoor which is called Gwanzag Koh. Villages and huts were affected by the bombings and hundreds of people were forces to leave thier ancestral areas.

6th: A woman was killed and more than a dozen others wounded Saturday as over 80 mud houses were damaged in various areas of Balochistan due to heavy rains caused by cyclone Phet . At least 250,000 people are believed to be stuck in water in the coastal region of Balochistan. Serious diseases spread throughout the area as Pakistan did not allowed NGO’s to enter Balochistan for relief work.

8th: 27th day of Zakir’s Majeed’s family’s continuous token hunger strike camp in front of Karachi press club.

11th: The former nazim of Kohlu district Kamal Khan Marri has said that his brother Sorab Khan Marri had been whisked away by the secrete agencies and has still not been released after lapse of 9 months.

11th: The Baloch Bar Association boycotted court proceedings and observed a ‘black day’ on Pakistan’s Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry’s arrival in Baluchistan on Friday. The lawyers did so to register their protest against the court’s inability to recover Baloch missing persons.

11th: Members of Baluch Students Organization Azaad Abdul Sattar Baluch and Bebagr Baluch were martyred and Mehrullah Baluch was severely injured in the area of Khoshak, Khuzdar due to an planned assault by Pakistan army.

18th: Baloch Students Organization (BSO-Azad) burnt hundreds of Pakistan Studies text books in different parts of Balochistan and called for Baloch teachers to silently support the boycott by refusing to teach Pakistan studies.

19th: Lawyers fraternity boycotted courts  in protest against the abduction of a lawyer Munir Mirwari and threatened that if he was not released immediately they would go on indefinite strike.

20th: Abdul Mailk Riegi was murdered by Iran without any trial.

21st: The family members of Zakir Majeed Baloch, Vice Chairman of Baloch Students Organization (BSO), established thier hunger strike in Quetta.

23rd: Hundreds of doctors belonging to different hospitals took out a protest rally in Shall (Quetta) and castigated the kidnapping of three doctors.

25th: Balochs in Norway, Karachi and Balochistan protested against Pakistan on the International Day Against Torture.

28th: Pakistan continuously refused to issue visa to the Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances [AFAD] to go to Pakistan and meet with family members of the victims in Balochistan.


1st:Coordinator of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, Shams Baloch was abducted from Luckpass area by Pakistan army while he was accompanying his mother for her medical treatment due to serious illness.

2nd: More than 20 families of abducted Balochs staged a protest in front of Balochistan High Court against its unwillingness to take the cases of abducted Baloch.

3rd: Baloch youth Faiz Ullah Baloch was shot dead by Pakistan army, and his companions Mange Khan Baloch and Bahadur Baloch were abducted from Hazar Ghanji.

12th: Baloch lawyers observed strike in Quetta, Kalat, Mastung, Dasht, Surab, Khuzdar, Lasbela, Uthal, Pasni, Gwadar, Turbat, Panjgur, Kharan, Chagai, Naushki, Sibi, Dera Allahyar, Dera Murad Jamali, Usta Mohammad and some other parts of Balochistan against the non recovery of abducted Balochs.

13th: Habib Jalib  Baloch shot dead by Pakistan intelligence agencies even though he belonged to a pro Pakistan political party.

13th: The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) feared that Iranian authorities’ intent to execute sixteen year old Baloch, Mohammad Saber Malek Raisi, who would become the latest minor to join Tehran’s death row.

14th: Many shops which were owned by Baloch dwellers were set ablaze by Iranian revolutionary guards in Zahedan.

25th: Najeeb Langov and Faizullah Baluch were tortured to death  by Pakistan army.

25th: Balochistan’s national newspaper Tawar receives threats by intelligence agencies, and its reporters were threatened to be killed if they do not stop reporting the human rights violations by Pakistan.

25th: Ramzan Baloch, a member of Baloch national Movement was abducted from the Uthal area near to Karachi zero point by Pakistan army.

25th: Interior Minister of Pakistan Rehman Malik admits that the Norwegian citizen Ehsan Arjemandi is held by Pakistan.

26th: Ishfaq Mullazai and Farooq mengal were tortured to death by Pakistan army and their mutilated bodies were thrown at Qambarani road Quetta.


5th: Member of Zonal Cabinet of Peshawar zone of B.S.O. (Azaad) Tariq Baloch was abducted from Quetta.

4th: Omer Baloch and Arz Muhammed Baloch Abducted from Quetta.

6th: Two bullet riddled bodies of “Baloch missing persons”  found from Brewery Road of Quetta. They were identified as Bahar Khan Bangulzai and Ghaulam Qadir Marri and were previously  kidnapped by Pakistan army.

11th: Baloch Day Celebrated in the European Parliament

11th: Nazeer Ahmed Baloch, 25, was tortured to death by Pakistan army, he was previously kept in the secret torture cells of Pakistan

11th: The body of Azizullah Baloch was found from the bypass, he was tortured to death by Pakistan army.

14th : Relatives of missing persons staged a protest demonstration at Manan Chowk of Quetta and demanded early and safe recovery of the abducted Balochs.

18th: Sardar Nadel Jan Ghichki shot dead by Pakistan’s secret agencies.

19th: Zaman Khan Marri abducted from Quetta and Tahir Muhammed from Koshak area of Khuzdar by Pakistan army.

23rd: Pakistan army’s covert team named Sipah Shuhdae Balochistan threatens the Baloch outside Balochistan to stop their activities or they would target them where ever they are.

24th: Baloch areas affected by Flood were struggling for survival as the international funds were only being spent on Punjabi populated areas.

24th: Omer Baloch and Arz Muhammed Baloch tortured to death by Pakistan army, and their dead bodies were thrown in Qambarani road in Killi Barov, Quetta.

26th: A shutter down strike is being observed in Quetta and several other parts of Balochistan o on the occasion of the fourth death anniversary of Baloch nationalist leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti who was murdered by Pakistan army.

26th: Tahir Muhammad was tortured to death and his body was thrown in Khuzdar.

28th: The Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) shows concern on the inaction of Pakistan regarding abducted Balochs.


2nd: No way to tell which is worse Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, Balochistan , says Amnesty official.

2nd: The Baloch Bar Association (BBA) observed a Balochistan-wide boycott to protest against the non-recovery of missing persons and kidnapping of two fellow lawyers, Munir Ahmed Mirwani and Zaman Mari.

3rd: Bahram Baluch, a student of Baluchistan University abducted from compound of Baluchistan University, Quetta by Pakistan army.

4th: Pakistan Army opened indiscriminate fire on a peaceful rally in Hub Baluchistan; as a result of the firing a 13 year-old Baluch student Mohammad Jan Marri was shot dead.

6th: President of BRP Gawader Zone Arif Rehman was abducted by Pakistan army from Karachi.

6th: International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons held a protest in London against enforced-disappearances of Baluch student and political activists.

6th: Zaman Khan Marri tortured to death by Pakistan army, his body was thrown in a nearby town of Mastung.

8th: Canadian Baloch step up to the plate to help victims of enforced disappearances

8th: Imran Baloch, member of B.S.O. (Azaad) abducted by Pakistan army from Khuzdar. General public gave a strong reaction and RCD highway was blocked for several hours.

11th: Ex Zonal president of B.S.O. (Azaad)  Zakir Bangulzai abducted from Mastung  by Pakistan.

11th: Families of missing Balochs protest against the non recovery of abducted Balochs on “Eid Day”.

13th:  Ali Marri was tortured to death by Pakistan and his body was found where two other tortured bodies of victims of enforced disappearances arrived at the Bolan Medical College Hospital in Quetta.

13th: The Tootak zone press secretary of the Baloch Students Organization Azad  Asif Baloch, and his relative Zaffar Baloch were abducted by Pakistan army.

14th: Two Baloch flood victims, including a pregnant woman and a child, sustained bullet injuries when personnel of Pakistan army fired shots in order to disperse a crowd that had gathered to fetch water at a relief camp near Badini Cross in Quetta

15th: An all out military operation was launched in Dera Bugti and adjacent areas by Pakistani occupying forces with  sophisticated weapons.

16th: Strike observed in Balochistan on B.S.O. (Azaad)’s call against the torture murder tactic of Pakistan and enforced disappearances.

17th: Dr Alla Nizar’s Appealsto World Community to pay attention on war crimes of Pakistan.

17th: A Balochi music album by Hameed Sharif was banned and the albums were burnt by Pakistan army in Panjgur.

18th: 13 year old Saeed Baloch, assaulted by Pakistan army in Tump.

19th: At least 0.2 million people of Dera Bugti and Kohlu, displaced after army operation couple of years back and got shelter in the bordering areas of Sindh and Punjab, are remain homeless as their makeshifts have been inundated due to devastating floods, reported B.U.C..

19th: Pakistan-Iran Joint Military Operation in Mand Balochistan, two Balochs Tariq and Abdullah were martyred. The locals were besieged in their houses during the operation and many of them were harassed by the Pakistan and Iranian forces.

23rd: Faqeer Mohammad Shawani abducted by Pakistan army from Mastung.

24th: Baloch lawyer Ali Sher Kurd tortured to death by Pakistan army.

25th: Pakistani security forces attacked the ‘’Ghulam Pirenz’’ village of Lehri tribe in Mastung area of Balochistan, as a result of firing five women badly injured, two got killed including a six months old baby. Security forces also entered in the houses , women and children being harassed and badly tortured. Dozens of houses, vehicles were set on fire, as a result all appliances and furniture completely damaged. The security forces also robbed the jewelries and cash money from the houses and shops. Number of cars and motorbikes taken away by FC, while forces arrested the 23 villagers and all shifted to the unknown location

26th: Commenting on the ongoing military operation by Pakistani and Iranian forces in the Western border of Balochistan, Doda Baloch warned if these forces spread their military operation to Eastern Balochistan, BLF will spread its armed activities to Western Balochistan.

27th: Baloch Student Organisation (Azaad) staged a protest on Monday at National Press Club (NPC) to condemn the abductions of 8,000 Baloch activists, torture and subsequent murder of Ali Sher Kurd, a Baloch lawyer, writer and poet. The Islamabad based journalists boycotted the protest and used abusive language against the Baloch protesters. The capital police and journalists jointly tortured the Baloch students, several of them badly injured, later police lodged FIR against all of the student protesters.

28th: The sister of Zakir Majeed Baloch after engaging herself for 139 days in hunger strike for the recovery of her brother has finally announced the end of their protest as she claimed that the hunger strike which was meant for the recovery of her brother and thousand others receive no approach from any state institution.

29th: Indiscriminate firing of Pakistan army in Panjgur resulted in the death of a shopkeeper Ateeq s/o Dost Mohammad and a passerby kareem Baloch was injured.

30th: Pakistan army did a house to house search in Dera bugti, looting the valuables of the locals and arresting several who resisted. While children and women were harrassed.


1st: Shakar Baloch and Sami Baloch, members of Baloch Student Organisations(AZAD) Khuzdar zone, abducted by Pakistan Army from Khuzdar.  Similarly Sohbat Khan Marri and Arzi Marri were abducted by Pakistan Army from Hub City.

3rd:Baloch Republican party’s former president of district Gwadar Ahmed Dad Baloch was abducted by Pakistan Army from Gwadar zero point.

8th: Aslam Baloch resident of Makola-Kalmat some 80km from Pasni, was abducted by Pakistan’s coast guards.

10th: A Member of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, Yasin Muhammad Shahi Baloch was gunned by Pakistan’s intelligence agencies near Roshare Kalat.

13th: A Central Committee member of Balochistan National Party Mir Noor-Ud-Din Meengal was murdered in Ghareeb Abad area of Kalat.

13th: Massive Bombardment and Operation was Conducted over the Civilian Population of Mashkay Balochistan.

14th: Pakistani atrocities were continued in Mashkay Balochistan,public properties set ablaze by occupying forces.

14th: Members of Baloch Student Organization (Azaad)Gwadar zone Sameer Baloch and Yasir Baloch were abducted by Pakistan army from ‘’Surbandar’’ area of Gwadar.

16th: In the region of Mashkay Pakistan army  continued the operation where in-between 50 houses of Baloch populations were burned down and several houses were looted. Bashir Ahmed Baloch, a tailor and his two sons of aged 9 and 13 were abducted from Wahejo, a small town in Mashkay and school teacher Raza Mohammed Baloch, his relatives Adam Baloch, Aziz Baloch, Rasool Bux Baloch and Ibrahim Baloch were also abducted.

16th: The son of a former city nazim was killed in an acid attack in Kharan, some 350 kilometres from Quetta.

17th: B.S.O. (Azaad) announces to boycott print and electronice media on its biasness and silence on the Mashkay operation.

18th: 13 year old member of B.S.O. (Azaad) Majeed Baloch abducted from Khuzdar.

19th: More than 24 Balochs injured or murdered by Pakistan’s militant ally M.Q.M. to divert attention from Mashkay operation.

20th: UK Border Agency denied Hyrbyair Marri’s preliminary application for asylum in the UK

21st: Zahoor Baloch, member of B.S.O. (Azaad) and Faqeer Muhammed Shahwani were tortured to death by Pakistan army and their bodies were dumped in the nearby areas of Mastung.

22nd: Following the three day call of shutter down by BSO Azaad, the banks reacted very positively by closing down their branches in Gwadar on the 3rd day too. This protest was against the brutal killings and kidnapping of Baloch political and social activists by the Pakistan.

23rd: The relatives and well-wishers of a missing person, Najeeb Qambarani, took out a rally in Quetta to condemn his illegal arrest, allegedly by the security forces.

24th: 13 year old Majeed Baloch, tortured to death by Pakistan army.

24th: Three members of BSO (Azad) abducted from Karachi namely Tariq Kareem Baloch, Noman Baloch, and Yaseen Baloch

26th:  Amnesty International urged  Pakistan to investigate murder and torture of  Baloch activists.

27th: School teacher Saifullah Qalandarani and his younger brother  Anwaar Ul Haq Qalandarani abducted from their home in Khuzdar by Pakistan Army.

27th: Journelist Lala Hameed S/o Hayatan Baloch also president of Baloch National Movement (Gwadar Zone) was abducted by Pakistan army on his way from Dasht to Gawader.

29th : Member of Organizing Committee Multan Zone of B.S.O. Azaad, Asim Kareem Baloch was abducted from Khuzdar.

31st : Arif Noor Baloch was abducted by Pakistan Army from Karachi.


1st: Asim Kareem Baloch was tortured to death by Pakistan army.

2nd: Demonstration held for recovery of Arif Baloch, while Police refused to lodge the FIR.

6th: BNM senior member Naseer Kamalan is abducted by Pakistan Army from Karwat area of Gwader.

6th: B.S.O.(Azaad) rejected police accusations against Sikander and Suleman Baloch, members of B.S.O. (Azaad). Both were arrested for having a book on history of Balochistan written by Mir Gul Khan Naseer.

7th: Nisar Ahmed, brother of the martyred leader Rasool Bux Mengal was abducted by Pakistan army from Clifton, Karachi.

8th: Protest Against Forced-Disappearances In Balochistan was held in London.

8th: A shutter-down and wheel-jam strike was observed all over in Balochistan, in response to a strike call by Baloch Students Organization (Azaad) over abductions and killings of missing persons by Pakistan.

8th: Conference on Enforced Disappearances in Balochistan was held in Geneva.

12th: It was revealed that thousands of acres of land in Lasbela district belonging to the local inhabitants were sold to Arab princes by Pakistan’s army personals without the consent of the actual owners

14th : Tariq Taheer, the Son of a poet of Balochi language and a social worker from Tanzag was abducted by Pakistan army last night near Gwader at Zero Point.

17th : Four bodies riddled with bullets and terrible signs torture were found in different locations of Balochistan. Two of them were identified as Basheer Ahmad Baloch and Sami Baloch. Two more bodies have reportedly been found in Mastung and Turbat who have not been identified yet. Victims identified as Lala Hamid Baloch of BNM Gwadar while another one identified as Hamid Ismail Baloch who is resident of Turbat. This was the day of Eid and Pakistan army claimed this to be the eid gift for Baloch nation.

19th : Hasmat Ullah, Ahmed Ismail, Nasr Ullah Baloch were tortured to death by Pakistan army and their bodies were dumped in different areas of Balochistan.

20th : Balochistan completely shuts to mark Balaach Marri’s third martyrdom anniversary.

23rd : 6 mutilated bodies were found near Quetta, and by dressing they were identified as Balochs but the bodies were not recognizable.

24th :Shahnawaz Baloch, a BNM leader,  was shot dead by Pakistan’s intelligence agencies in Ormara.

26th : Pakistan army abducted BSO(Azaad)’s C.C. member Qambar Chakar along with his cousin Irshad Nasir from Turbat.

30th: Three Balochs were shot dead by the Iranian coastguards near a coastal township in Iranian occupied Balochistan.


1st : Mutilated and decomposed dead body of Waheed Qambrani was recovered from Raje some 20km from Kalat city, he was abducted by Pakistan army.

1st : Pakistan’s forces attacked house of a Baloch notable Ayub Ghichki, five innocent  Balochs were martyred, namely as Murad Jan Gichki, Zubair Gichki, Hammal Gichki, Pullok Baloch and Sattar Baloch.

2nd : Balochistan shuts to protest against the killing of five Baloch youths by Pakistan.

4th : Journalists staged a protest demonstration in Chathar against the attack on Muhammed Luqman, a journalist by Pakistan army.

5th : Pakistan’s secret agencies attacked religious clerics in Mashkay to promote religious violence in Balochistan.

7th : Balochistan is the most dangerous place for Journalists in Pakistan said Gwader Press Club.

10th : Relatives and friends of missing persons, including women and children, staged a protest demonstration outside the Quetta Press Club, and demanded that the United Nations and humanitarian organizations should take notice of the issue.

11th: Baloch Student Organization (Azaad)’s (BSO-A) central committee member, comrade Qayum Baloch along with his friend was abducted from Gwader by intelligence agencies of Pakistan.

12th : Complete strike in Balochistan against arrest of BSO (Azaad) leaders.

14th : Strike against BSO leader’s arrest enters fourth day, while FC started a house-to-house search in Gwadar.

15th: Political activist Rais Ali Ahmed Langou was gunned down in Kalat by Pakistan’s secret agencies.

16th : Relatives of missing people  announced that they would establish a camp before the Karachi Press Club to record their protest with humanitarian organizations. This was the fifth consecutive month of their protest.

17th : Iran arrested a young Baloch blogger  Ebrahim Hossienbor

17th : Pakistan Army has threw five tortured bodies of Balochs in different areas of Balochistan. Bodies Yousaf Baloch and Abdul Raziq Baloch were recovered in Turbat, whereas bodies of Ibrahim Hasni Baloch and Noor Ahmed Baloch were found in Khuzdar, who were tortured to an extent that they were barely recognizable. Saifullah Bugti, another victim of torture murder strategy of Pakistan, was severely tortured and his body was found in Karachi

18th : Khuda Raheem Bangulzai was tortured to death by Pakistan army and his body was dumped on Sabzal Road Quetta.

21st : Iran publicly hanged eleven Baloch dissidents,

The hanged men have been named as below:

1. Abdolbasset Shahbakhsh s/o Allahdad

2. Abdolnasser Shahbakhsh s/o Allahdad

3. Abdolshakur Zangizahi s/o Hossain

4. Mohammad Saleh Islamzahi s/o Atta Mohammad

5. Nasser Shahbakhsh s/o Zaman

6. Lal Mohammad Shahbakhsh s/o Karim

7. Attaollah Rigi s/o Nazar Mohammad

8. Abdolrahman Naruvi s/o Khaleqdad

9. Abdolrauf Shahbakhsh s/o Shanbeh

10. Balanch Naruvi s/o Ali

11. Ahmad Naruvi s/o Abdolkarim.

21st : Siddique Baloch and Yousuf Baloch were abducted by Pakistan army on their way home after appearing in a court in Gwader, whereas Ilyas Baloch was abducted from Coastal Highway Ormara.

22nd : Protest in Pasni against abductions of Baloch youths by Pakistani secret agencies

26th : The Baloch Students Organization (BSO)  Azaad held a demonstration to protest the kidnapping of its activists and demanded that international humanitarian organizations intervene in the matter.

26th : FC search operation in Quetta, 80 innocent Baloch arrested in Killi Qambarani.

26th : Faraz Sarparah and Zubair Sarparah were tortured to death by Pakistan army and their bodies were found near Killi Qambarani and Shahzian Marri and Sohbat Marri’s body were found in Dasht area 20 km in the south of Quetta.

26th : Political activist Latif Shahwani was murdered by Pakistan’s intelligence agencies.

28th : Qadeer Baloch, Vice Chairman, Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, while talking to Business Recorder said that so far 13,300 Baloch nationals had been made missing in which 147 women  and 152 children are included in this number.

30th : Asa Zafar, a prominent political leader and ex president of Baloch National Movement (BNM)was abducted by Pakistan army from Turbat coastal highway.

30th : Four More  Dead Bodies Found in Turbat,victims included Mohammad Shoaib from Kharan, Attaullah s/o Dad Baksh from Mand, Naimatullah from Tump and the fourth one has not yet been recognized.


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