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Pakistan FC Kills 2 BSO – Azad Activists, Arrests 30, and Burns Homes in Khuzdar

In Baloch genocide, BSO-AZAD, FC on February 19, 2011 at 11:54 pm

Occupied Balochistan: The Pakistani Frontier Corps (FC) killed two activists of the Baloch Students Organization (BSO-Azad), arrested more than two dozen of innocent civilians and burned several homes in a massive search operation in Totak locality of Khuzdar district on Friday. According to the details, the FC unleashed the operation in the early hours of Friday, killing two people Yahya Baloch and Mohammad Naeem Baloch. They were both reportedly close relatives of Sardar Ali Mohammad Qalandarani, a tribal influential figure. BSO-Azad spokesman Salam Sabir said that the slain youth were members of the Baloch Students Organization (Azad). Local sources said that the FC had cordoned off the entire area early on Friday morning and disconnected all forms of telecommunication contacts in the area. As a result of the firing initiated by the FC, several people were injured as well. The operation continued until 4:00 p.m. “The forces also whisked away around thirty people with them, “confirmed a local residence,” those who were detained and taken away included three sons of Ali Mohammad Qalandarani.” The arrested men have been named as: Aftaf, Wasim, Mir Atiq, Khaleel, Mir hussain ahmed, Ubaid ullah, Niaz Ahmed, Maqsod, Khan jan, Masood, Lawang khan, Haroon Rasheed, Siraaj, Mula Hussain, Adaam, Ayub, Abdullah, Waheed, Mujeeb, Anees, Nasib, Ahmed khan, Abdul Rasool,Rashid mengal, Ata Usamad, Zia ulah, Faizullah, Yasir, Manzurullah, Kadir Buksh , Zubair, Shoaib, Aziz Ahmed, Shafi, Naseer. The dead bodies of the victims were taken to the hospital after the completion of the operation. Eyewitnesses said hundreds of security personnel riding on around sixty vehicles participated in the operation which mainly targeted the Balochs hailing from Qalandarani tribe. “Naib Tasildhar Baghbana Mohammad Azam Bajowi took the dead bodies to the hospital along with Levies personnel,” said a local journalist,” Dr. Somar Khan who attended the bodies refused to talk with Media regarding the twin killing. “The doctor even misbehaved with journalists and threatened to not cover the incident otherwise he will call the forces”. Journalists in Khuzdar have strongly condemned the behaviour of the doctor and asked the health department officials to take action against him for misbehaving with the journalists on duty. The reporters’ community in Khuzdar has warned to launch a province-wide protest against the doctor with the help of journalists from other parts of Balochistan. They demanded his immediate transfer. Sources said the security forces had also burnt scores of homes belonging to the local Baloch population in order to scare the people living in the area. The area remained cordoned off for many hours while all forms of communication with the township were suspended as forces continued their activities. The operation in Thotak has been widely condemned by the Baloch Students Organization, Baloch National Voice (BNV), Baloch Republican Party (BRP) and Baloch National Front (BNF). Open in new windowBaloch Student Organization (BSO-Azad) held protest demonstrations in Quetta, Naushki and Pasni condemning the killings of its activists. They accused the Pakistani security forces of carrying out massive operation in Baloch populated area. “The security personnel had violated the sanctity of homes and even misbehaved with Baloch women and elders during the search operation in Tutak area,” protestors alleged. BSO spokesman said that 30 members of his organization had been arrested and many were injured during the search operation. “The forces set six houses on fire,” they charged. Activists of BSO Azad also protested in Karachi, the largest joint city of Sind and Balochistan with a sizable Baloch population, to vent their anger against the use of brute force against the civilians by the security forces. Akbar Hussian during the Home Secretary of Balochistan has out an operation in Khuzdar by saying that the FC had been attacked by the local residents and it had only defended itself in the exchange of fire which killed two people. (Courtesy: Daily Tawar, The Balochhal and Daily Balochistanexpress)

  1. Where is your local leadership.FC has gotten full authority to do all acts come under the tag of national security.The vacuum created by local leadership is main reason of such unreasonable military operations.FC men are already swapping by force created by local men and that process would be completed in two years, if Baluchistan would remain part of Pakistan.If Rymond not handed over to CIA they could attack to Baluchistan any time from the bases provided to them by Pak army.Another scene of political failures can any time be seen there too.
    So intelligent people of Pak army think that they can beat the US through such offensive tactics.He could be removed from kot lakhput jail any time as still 400o like trained US men are roaming in our cities who can go for such actions and our poor Punjab commandos couldn’t take single defensive acts in this regard.

  2. Nazia local leadership ? the true leadership is abducted and killed by the forces . Only stooges like Karzai are there and their survival depends upon the endorsement of brutal acts of state .
    Those who claim the leaders in current scenario are paid touts . This dangerous vacuum is artificially created by the state forces and it will end up terribly .

    • If they were killed somebody should come up fill this gap but nobody is here to fill its so local sardars had come and pretended to be more loyal to people.They encourage people to opt for illegitimate professions like smuggling, kidnapping and by themselves enjoying govt royalties and funds for increasing their personal assets in and out of country.So dealers cant be wheelers of state but you are trying to present them heroes of baloch culutre.

  3. Well theses touts are heroes of Pakistan , in our folks just two sardar zada are hero no doubt , that due to their struggle and sacrifices for Baloch Nation .

  4. No one can deny the double game of US in your province in one side it is controlling GHQ to have military control on this area because of its clear difference of linguistic and ethnic affinity since the creation of Pakistan.So the seed of proposed fragmentation is hanging like hammer on all Pakistani rulers who become comfortable after transferring responsibility and power to Pak army to control this part of Pakistan.
    The US is using slogan of Balochi nationalism for staging an insurgency inside Iran province linked with Baluchistan.

    So all forces are in mood that Pakistan should be broken up like a separate country but Pak army management want to intact it for its interests but through use of power.They don’t want to lose coast line of Arabian sea.
    So all are fighting and instigating local against each other, supplying them arms just to control business and production of its natural reserve.Nobody is thinking about raising the living standard of this province.Still not sure who will win this game but it is sure that people will lose all in both victory.

  5. Well Nazia Pakistan is supposed to vanguard the interests of local Balochs , as a state its her moral responsibility as well .
    Doesn`t it seem like Pakistan is only interested in Baloch land and resources not the Baloch people?

  6. It is not matter of Pakistan’s interest but demand of few sardars to attached with Pakistan for their personal reasons.You see India is more successful in eradicating feudal culture under their lame democracy too and now few patches have been left where state’s writ is still weak .That is what your sardars didn’t want to reduces their stature which was not possible in giant India.
    Since 1947, not a single sardar of yours area stood for people’s right that is why people of Bugti area are still using cow dungs for cooking food and that natural gas is supplied to rich customers and your sardars take their share.
    These are your sardars who are acted like facilitators for foreign power as I described earlier just to make double deals with Pak establishment and foreign powers as blackmailing.Result is armed rivalry and you people are real victims of all this mess.

  7. Dear actually the people of whole country are suffering from the same situation, do u think punjab govt or sindh govt is interested in peple of punjab or sindh? unfortunately our country is in the hands of culprits, other wise we, public of pakistan love balochs, i teach in a NGO college we have maximum Baloch girls there, and i ve an emotional attachment with my Baloch students, we all have to work together to save our country, other wise these peple will eat up our country with its public! Azadi and such demands are not the solution coz this feudal system is the problem not Pakistan! Selfish rulers are the problem not Pakistanis, we live in Karachi and c whats the condition here so should we demand seperation? no we should strive to change the system, c what happened with Jamia Hafsa and Lal masjid that was not balochistan or balochs that was the Capital of the country!

  8. its good to see you activated yourself here again.What is your new target these days?

  9. I’m not a baluchi but I’ve spent some good years of my life in baluchistan, used to love it there. The people were amazing, to say the least. Now I cannot even imagine what it must be like to live there considering the sort of news we keep getting. Are things really that bad?

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