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Perception is never Perfection

In Baloch Freedom movement, Baloch genocide, balochistan, Global Perspective on February 16, 2011 at 9:37 am
Perception is never Perfection
By: Diagoh Murad


“Justice if served with silence, it is the derision of Justice”

It is believe to be 21st century where science has its way to prove analytical reports on various projects, where once people thought earth to be flat science made their perceptions to see the earth and the surrounding planet in their true forms, but in all these happenings we never thought that some perception can make us go wrong, can let us decide something which is not true at all. If science has proved many of the mistaken theories of mankind as wrong and illusionary then it has done this in an explanatory way, everything we defined from the solar system to the galaxies all were in details when science came with the total studying of these natural structures, through investigation that is what makes one’s perception to be in true form of perfection.

For centuries people were arrogant by their own judgment that what ever seems to be happening must be real, the people who thought earth to be flat, people who think all Muslims are terrorist, people who thought Black people have no honor, people who think Pakistan is an Islamic State and people who think Baloch to be part of this unethical state, From all these perceptions not even a single came under microscope to be analyzed only one was solved the others are self made illusions from different mindset of peoples.

It is these illusions that have caused them to be ignorant to redefine their perception because what they see is not in its perfect form, If all Muslims were terrorist then the population of Muslims around the world (In Billions) would have caused the doom of civilization, if Black people had no honor then white folks have no regard for humanity either, If Pakistan is an Islamic State then the genocide of 3 Million Bengalis wouldn’t have occurred and another million of Bengali women wont have lost their honor to these savage beasts and last but not the least which was never given any chances to speak for their heart are the Baloch people taken forcefully under the claws of this immoral state, obsolete theory that Baloch are part of this State have caused the population of world to really believe this saying while if one ask the Baloch population that do they love to be called Pakistani, the answer will surely come in negative.

The false allegations that in today are believed to be written truths while the documents and reports are written by those personalities whom had no sense of history or the nature of the inhabitants. A Christian or Jew will always claim and malign the Muslims for the terrorist attacks and charge all the Muslim population to be guilty but if a Christian or Jew murder hundred of Muslims then what that Jew or Christian will be called “Messiah” (Hundred of Palestine Peoples are murdered by the State of Israel), if one Baloch signed an annexation document with Pakistan then that signed documents seals the faith of million other Baloch what if all these millions of Baloch have not accepted the merger and have revolted time by time (Which Baloch nation did from Prince Karim Khan to Brahamdagh Bugti) duly it was the duty of International powers to redo the case of Baloch nation by giving them a chance to speak for themselves but a black response came from these international powers, the boundaries that Pakistan claim as its own are forged by the watchmen of British servitude, the slave of British were given shares and bounties while the aggressors were thrown down.

The wrong perception created by the oppressors shows Baloch to be a patriot Pakistani by giving way to those Baloch who are less important in Baloch politics and nationalism, it has always been the case with the oppressor giving media coverage to those personalities who were never nationalist and never took the interest of nation has their own, same method is applied here in this occupied state of Balochistan. The nationalist are being killed and many are still languishing inside the torture cells while the so called leaders of Balochistan and so called nationalistic parties NP, BNP are making claims of zero atrocities committed.

The centuries old Baloch nation is being annihilated in a slow genocide way and the outside world have no queries over what Pakistan has planned for Baloch nation, from systematic abduction to dumping of bodies non have been shown in international level. Pakistani media proclaims itself to be free from any boundary while it still serves the army like all the other militant states, Pakistani media records “A Man marrying 2 Women at the same day” they can telecast “A sheep carrying four horns” but they never try to show the Pakistani people or the international media of what the Pakistani army is doing in Balochistan.

Pakistan print and electronic media is very much steady and aware of the regional dispute but it keeps its distance from the burning lava so that the wrath of Pakistani army won’t touch them or their profitable marketing business. They can broadcast Punjabis getting attacked in Balochistan but they never publish that Baloch activists and missing persons are being killed by the Pakistani army, remembering one Baloch leader who once said that “If I am being killed then how can I insure their safety”.

The Punjabis who gets killed are working for the intelligence agencies and yet Pakistani media transform them to be innocent and civilized while the local Baloch who has nothing to do with any thing is abducted, tortured for days (In some cases for years) & later family members find him dead and dumped then why the silence, why the lips are sealed and pens are halted, double standard media can never do justice so do the judiciary on which Chief Justice Iftikar Chaudhry keeps on repeating that “Justice will be served”.

From Human rights organizations to International Media none has permission to cross into the boundaries created by the army and paramilitary forces of Pakistan and yet the International powers are dumbfounded over the case of Balochistan, Obama administrations pressured to solve the case of missing persons has led the Pakistani forces to increase their phase in killing the missing persons, contract killers like the “Death Squad” are being given task to eliminate the remaining missing persons one body at a time. “Kill and Dump” policy is such cold-blooded that it shows the behavior of the state with the Baloch population, for the Pakistani forces this game is not new they had played it with Bengali nation and now they are doing it with Baloch nation.

Pakistani forces for mere fun kidnap teenagers, chokes them with ropes, burns their bodies with cigarettes, bash their toes with hammers, breaks their inner bones, puncture their minds and lungs with injections & after they have their ways with the person they carry them to their execution place and squad fires them on that place. Many bodies carried letters in their pockets where the killers write the identity of the bodies or worse they write abusive words for Baloch nationalism.

Arms Bounded, Head Bent, Knees broken, eyes gouged, tongue sliced & carved with markings are the identifications of a severe torture and beatings of Baloch political activists, if these are not eye openers then what will cause them to react, do they want all Baloch nation to be Bounded, Bended, Broken, Gouged, Sliced & Carved so that they can see what is happening in Balochistan, the interesting part of the story is that knowing every detail and inscriptions of many Baloch abductees the organizations working for human betterment doesn’t show any remorse to these victims instead they proclaim the victim to hush-up and work out their differences with the criminals.

In just recent days Dera Bugti, Sibi & Bolan were plunged in a grand operation and thousands of Bugti tribesmen were rounded up for interrogation and never returned their homes taken to unknown location (Military Cantonments), Sibi & Bolan operation led many Baloch locals to become homeless when Pakistani army bulldozed the whole town in retaliation of the attack from the Baloch freedom forces. Is justice being served? Question arises many times because justice in Pakistan is for sale whoever gives a higher bid, justice will be served according to his will, like in just recent days Chief Justice of Balochistan comfortably announced that missing Baloch persons are released and have returned to their homes while the family members of those missing persons claimed that their loved ones are still going through the worse kind of treatment and the justification which Chief justice of Balochistan provided is actually rubbing salt over the wounds of the family members.

International Powers have to correct their perception and do the thinking of what to do with Pakistan and its policies on Balochistan and Baloch nation, the program and developments which Pakistan keeps on repeating as Baloch perspective is different, Nawab Khair Bux Marri once put this as “Anti-Baloch Perspective” which is overall true, parliamentary baloch leaders have already shook their tails and sagged their tongues out but those who are opposing these projects are abducted, tortured & killed.

Forced projects and development can never develop the local Baloch nation because these developments have never been profitable for Baloch nation one fine example is the “Sui Gas Plant” built in the year 1958 it is going through many channels and reaching the deep regions of Punjab but Dera Bugti still suffers from gas supply, from 26 districts of Balochistan only 4 districts have fully stable gas supply while the rest uses the old method. Gwadar port projected as a grand employment opportunity lacks local people recruitment, from top engineers to labors all are employed from Islamabad because of the head quarter situated there.

If these are not Anti-Baloch perspective then what profit did the Rekodik or Saindek has given to Baloch nation, big chunk of profits are going to the foreign investors and companies, remaining chunk goes to the federal Government and in return dog bones are given to Balochistan Government.

Judicial Inquiries, Commissions & Packages all are dramas created by those who are in support of these extra judicial abductions and killings, the panel judges of the commission created for the recovery of missing persons registered 20 cases of Baloch missing while the census of missing persons is in thousand, if this is justice serving then it is better to protest and fight with the uncivilized institutions rather exclaiming for justice.

The reason Baloch nation is appealing to the international powers, human rights organizations and freedom loving people is because they are depressed that not only the Pakistani military forces but the democratic and civilian forces are also against them and both these institutions are working hand to hand to draw Baloch nation to their brink of extinction. While both these institutions stamp the Baloch movement for independence as foreign created but the truth is Baloch nation is the sole owner of this revolution and this movement is being run by Baloch nation, no foreign influence has created this movement, Baloch protested and fought for their independence when they were taken by force & occupied and they are still fighting for their autonomous state.

From top civilian officials to military generals all have the same reason of Baloch uprising that is its “Foreign Influenced” while concealing their brutality with Baloch nation, from abduction, harassment, killing, & military operations every possible torture has been implemented on Baloch nation. Pakistani government cries of Indian involvement, Israeli Involvement & American involvement in Balochistan but would never say that “We occupied Balochistan, We killed Millions of Baloch in the wake of five operations, We snatched their rights to live, We bombarded their towns & cities, We killed mothers, sisters & children of Baloch nation & We are now trying to annihilate Baloch nation”, keeping silence over the extra judicial killings and marking the Freedom fighters has miscreants wont wash away the crimes Pakistan and its forces have done inside Balochistan.

Now its upto the International powers to halt Pakistan’s barbarism and hear the requests of Baloch nation & do justice according to their perceptions and not from the false theories & reports summarized by Pakistan for their own purposes.



  1. Those generation who have successfully reached to 21st century are developed under sincere and visionary leadership.There are some areas in the world in Africa and Brazil where stone age people are still living and don’t want to come out of this life as they have no sense of quality leadership to come out of orthodox living.This is same happening in Baluchistan where people are trying to get out of orthodox styles but their leadership is trying hard to push them in cave of backwardness and slavery .No doubt state here is adopting wrong policy to further suppress them as it is military style and as Pakistani politics is influenced by military for last century so there is through decline of political structure influenced by top sardars of Baluchistan.
    For judging the character of few Go back to history pages
    Sardar Bugti issue of conflict was always royalty from Sui. There are four or five gas wells in Bugti area but only one is actually located in Sui. since the creation of Pakistan Bugti was able to collect all royalty for himself but after years some other sub tribes of Bugti, where the other three wells are located demand their share. . After the army action in 1973, he became the all-powerful governor of Balochistan. While other Baloch were fighting the army, he was enjoying power sharing with the Pakistan Army. . He was the only Sardar in a federal Ministry for a brief period before 1958 as a Minister of State for Defense. And, he was the only Baloch Sardar to welcome the Gen Zia’s army takeover in 1977.
    I hope you wont defy it
    Sardar Marri self exiled himself to Kabul and London and then came back after working a deal with the Zia regime in early 1980s. He mostly kept to himself after his return. But recently, he was indicted in the murder of Baluchistan HC Justice Khuda Bux Marri. It was rumored that his son Ballach Marri actually pulled the trigger in the elder Marri’s presence.Some said he was killed by Nato forces or some said he was killed by pak army actions who were following him for his anti state activity.
    Sardar mengal’s was first CM Baluchistan and his son was also made CM in Shairf regime.His government took a strange decision when it declared Urdu as the official language of Baluchistan. That surprised and alienated many Baloch. He has never explained his reason for doing that but it irked a lot to other baloch .,
    From, official pages
    Finally a Sardar got royalty worth Rs 390 million
    Actual amount will surely beyond our thoughts as their way of living explains that they hardly work or have any business ventures but all live like billion dollar men of Baluchistan.

    So no sharif or Zardari or any COAS can think of bringing change in political instability in Balch cultures.This change can be brought brom some mengal. Bugti or marri who is either not killer not have accounts in UK , Russia or Switzerland and give up attitude of hypocrisy.

    • We are not looking towards Shreef or Zardari or to your COAS as all these are killers of our Nation . Hypocracy is really in the gens of Punjabi elite and its the basic factor of Pakistani politics which we really lack into . The killer is not Bugti , Marri , or Mengal but your forces who got a great history of killing innocents from Bengladesh to Kashmir , Kargil to KPK , and Balochistan is their Favorite hunting field . Do face the facts , do not just blame others of your sins .

  2. Yes the imposed leadership with collaboration of oppressing forces are forcing us back to stone ages but now its too late for them .
    For your kind information there not five gas wells but five gas fields in the Bugti area and more than 150 gas wells are there . Again you put the question of royalties but could not bring any evidence till date from any corner.
    @ Allegations on Nawab Bugti :Yes he was the First and only Baloch leader to vote for Pakistan as well , why do you forget this fact ? There is a list of his sins but for the sin you people took his life was his stance for his people otherwise he was all acceptable for Islamabad till day one .
    The funny argument about official language . madam it was Jinnah himself who declared URDU as official language of all Pakistan , that was the first difference between East and west Pakistan if you can study the history yourself , where from Ataullah Mengal came ?
    If you give a total period of
    If you can give me a total account of ruling period of Nawab Bugti and Ataullah Mengal as CM and Governor ? It hardly makes a total of three to four years .
    For sradrwatch website : It is run By Mr.Dr.Jummah marri , whose father is a close ally of your state and these are the shadows of ISPR , when ISPR failed to give any official proof of royalties than tried it in the shameful ways , still your this favorite blog lacks to provide the official evidences and references.
    These tactics are now obsolete people do know the facts madam .
    Jumma Marri and Wahid baloch are not hidden figures and there loyalties are no more a mystery .

  3. Thanks for correction about well should be gas field.
    Yes I know that 26% of Pakistan gas production has
    Sui gas field accounts for 26% of Pakistan’s gas production under management of Pakistan Petroleum limited(PPL).
    The first well was discovered in 1952 and after that Bugti realized he was sitting on gold mine .It was his permission that gas network was given to Punjab and quetta and no line was set for his people as he thought his people were not able to get this luxury.
    As ususal in last time of life these leader start thinking about their people when complete fragmentation and frustration is appeared
    you are in full mood of ruining my research but I don’t give up easily
    Last deal made by Bugti on July 2000
    Sui gas companies and chief of Bugti tribe Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti on Wednesday reached an agreement at Dera Bugti settling various contentious issues concerning Sui and Pirkoh gas fields.
    Chief Secretary Balochistan, Managing Director PPL, General Manager OGDC took part in the negotiations which were held on the instructions of Prime Minister Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali.
    According to the agreement, the children of retired and deceased employees of the gas fields will be given jobs.
    It was also agreed that free gas will be provided to people living in the radius of three kilometers of gas fields. In future the Bugti tribe will be given jobs at the gas fields according to 70 per cent quota fixed for them.
    Expressing his satisfaction over the talks, Nawab Bugti told PTV that implementation of the agreement would produce good results.
    He said their demands are being met and problems between gas companies and them will be resolved.
    Secretary Petroleum and Natural Resources Abdullah Yousaf said for some days workers at Sui and Pirkoh gas fields were protesting but now normalcy has returned.
    The two sides reached a principled agreement after which the protest-like situation has ended and immediate issues are settled, he said.
    Some glimpses of real news that would show how much these sardars were paid by authority.
    Saturday, April 04, 2009
    Talal Bugti, the son of slain Baloch leader Nawab Akbar Bugti, has made the startling allegation that top state office holders had demanded Rs 500 million kickback in exchange for immediate release of the rent/royalty money of the gas fields in the Bugti area, not paid for the past six years.

    In a telephonic talk with The News from Quetta, Talal Bugti named the three top men of the PPP government, the president, the governor of Balochistan and the interior adviser and said they were all partners in the proposed bribe.

    Friday, 19 March 2010
    SLAMABAD: The Oil and Gas Development Company Ltd (OGDCL) has not paid any rent to the heirs of late Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti — the lease owner of the Och Gas field – since 2005.This was stated by OGDCL Managing Director Shah Mehboob Alam during the hearing of a suit filed by Talal Bugti, a son of Nawab Akbar Bugti, against the state-run company.
    The late Nawab had transferred almost 77 percent of the said gas field to his grandsons, but OGDCL stopped payments following his killing in an army operation in 2006.The state-run oil and gas giant issued a cheque in 2008 to the Balochistan provincial government as rent for the Och Gas Field instead of its lease owners.The Lahore High Court (LHC), Rawalpindi Bench, ordered the government to produce the official record of Och Gas Field by March 30 to determine its ownership. The OGDCL appeared before the court on Wednesday, represented by a team of lawyers and officials led by its Managing Director Alam, while Rafiq Sanjrani advocate appeared on the behalf of the petitioner. We paid Rs308 million in year 2008 (to the Balochistan government) for disbursement among the legal heirs but the cheque was returned, Mehboob informed the LHC Justice Asad Munir, who inquired why the rent amount was not paid to the petitioner. Earlier, amount was being paid to Abkar Bugti as per agreement, he said. On which, the petitioner s counsel inquired as to why the government issued amount to Balochistan when the lease document was signed by late Bugti and the OGDCL. And as to why only payment for 2008 was issued despite the fact that nothing was released years before and years after Bugti s martyrdom in 2006? was the question by Rafiq Sanjrani.He said this was an issue of lease agreement between Bugtis and OGDCL and not with the Balochistan government. We have copies of all the agreements and transferred lands on the name of petitioner s sons by Akbar Bugti, Sanjarani said.After hearing both sides, Justice Asad Munir issued a notice to the Balochistan Chief Secretary to appear along with Company representatives before the court with comprehensive reply and all related official record relating to the Och gas fields in the next hearing fixed for March 30.

    You know in wrong deals there is no record of taking commission as it is done between two dons or two heads of different groups.There is no return point on such deals and one has to go far and depth in such illegal business.That is the reason Musharf govt couldn’t prove a single crime against Bhutto and her husband .Same thing is here in Baluchistan.If you ask any PPL financial officer he would give your 7 to 10% income from each well is deducted from company expenditures and given to federal govt for baloch sardars.These are unofficial but routine matters of PPL any even junior officer could tell you,From federal govt your all balch ssardars including bugti got his cheese share under fake name of development funds.
    Musharraf also paid him and when he saw he still trying to instigate local against gawadar project which is necessary part of US future planning he ordered his killing.
    Khas kum jehan pak.Or no fuss no mess or in Punjabi na khaidana hay na khadinay dena hay.

  4. I am not interest on jumma mari attachment but referring to court order which was not passed in dream life but a recorded statement.

  5. Well madam rent and royalties are two different heads . and as you referred the negotiations of 2000 I think you won`t deny the agreed terms as you presented were in the interest of local people not the sardar himself , and all was just right but after 11 years nothing is implemented till date .
    For the claim of talal in recent year you just forget that 1952 and 2011 has a huge gap or at least more than 5 years .
    As you said the official statement recorded on court and as per you , you got a free and superior judiciary than why its too silent from the judicial side if there were any evidences provided .

  6. For the under table deals : If you want to prove your state was acting like a mafia since 1952 ? If the illegal business was given legal status , as it was on the part of state ?
    Why do not you face the fact that the poor Balochs were being deprived by state and state owned companies , if the deals were wrong where were your stats so called spirit of love for Balochs as it was clear to state as well . If the state was not the major player in the game ?
    As you admit the gawader port was part of US future plans and Nawab was killed for hindering US invasions , than he was much more loyal than your military .
    By presenting it orders of Musharaf you want us to believe all that was sole decision of an individual ?
    Madam state dose never mean the individuals , every official crime is taken as state and national crime every where in the world . Wether it was Musharaf , Jinnah , or zardari all these committed the crimes on behalf of state that is called Pakistan . Therefore after Jinnah , musharaf , or zardari the series of state crimes never came to halt . What we are struggling is to get rid of this state not musharaf nor zardari .

  7. Rent, royalties or kick back commission or in desi language bhatta what ever you call this is all game of earning money.Kindly meet any PPL fiance officer and you would get detail as per previous dates.
    I am still not understanding that why you are repeatedly denying the open facts.If as you say baloch leaders are fighting for their rights then where is shape of this game plan,they have kept this arm culture more dominant in their areas and all is producing chain reaction in their respective areas due to their attitude now every where there are armed gangs .This is same situation we have Karachi and now in all major areas of KPK.
    If they don’t earn this way then kindly throw light about their way of living and earning and how they maintain their royal life styles by doing nothing.

  8. Madam rent and royalties are not the same as to bhatta ever , because rent and royalties are covered by your so called constitution.
    As for as arms are concern , no doubt arms been part of our culture from very early days , even long before the creation of Pakistan . Fighting with arms is the part of struggle and we are struggling through every available means . When all the peaceful means of struggle were crashed through the state forces people got no any choice but to take arms.
    In karachi your state , yeah your state is partner to enslave the people in the modern form of political slavery , every one knows who are the players in Karachi .
    Situation in KPK is different than Balochistan and Karachi , in KPK your state is fighting on behalf of West as paid shooters , as your army did in Sri Lanka .
    To sum up your state is fighting against the nations just to expand the period of her oppressive rule . Westren masters of the state got their own interests and they will keep feeding the state and keep their eyes closed as long as possible . So the game is on .

  9. For the royal life style of Baloch sardars , Its very much clear that your state helped and is still helping them to maintain same by oppressing the poor nations .
    I am not and never said if Baloch sardars are fighting for the rights of Baloch . It is the Baloch commoner who are struggling to get free and get rid of an oppressive state and her stooges whom you call sardars . Just two of the sardars have joined their hands with our struggle and we welcomed them , due to their vital role and great sacrifices , their wisdom and knowledge we made him our leaders , and they are no more sardars but the soldiers of freedom fight . All the other sardars taken refuge under the shelter of Pakistani state , and state is feeding them till date .

  10. Thanks after many days of effort at least you have come to point that baloch people were first betrayed , maltreated and misguided by their leadership.That is my first enforced point that people are first victimized by their own hypocrite leaders who given way to corrupt govt .As our govt is all time under military influence so Baluchistan is showing the worst scene.
    Leaderless nation/groups are best ping pong ball for any corrupt government and that is what I am emphasizing the awareness of local people who are still divided on the basis of their tribal identification and gauged on the matter of armed attack on each other.
    This is not Baluchistan but whole Pakistan is creating the scene of mess under irregular policy of Pak army.In all sides its real sons of soils are on targets and each incident of killing create more anrachial effects on the rebellion thinking of youth living in the surrounding.
    Punjab is showing best results as compare to other due to its richness in indigenous resources which are open to all but hidden resources of Balchistan are in control of armed tribes.Bugti in good relations had allowed PPL setup to dig gas from its well but he couldn’t maintained peace treaty due to many reasons but Bugti area and its other strong characters come into surface to get their share too.
    So it is youth of baloch who can bring change but not through arms but via political movements or few more sacrifices.

  11. Madam it was not our leadership but the imposed leadership of your armed state .
    On the other hand let me clear all the mineral resources are controlled by armed forces of Pakistan not the tribal .
    We will bring the change with a political movement with minimum necessary flavor of armed struggle because the wild and inhuman Pakistani forces just understand the language of arms.
    For the sacrifices , we are aware and sacrificing our lives even just do not worry .

  12. PPL,OJDC, SSGPL or SSGNL are federally controlled organizations.Engro has recently started it project on coal projects.Fauji is working toward Sindh near Indian border so tell the right facts instead of biased comments.
    We will fully support your all political movements who have no armed touch as I know it triggers the criminal tendency in the region and all inhabitants come in nonstop chain reactions of such armed insurgency.

  13. Well its biased that you are extracting gas since 1952 ? Its biased that the main resources were extracted from Balochistan and industry was set up on agrarian lands of Punjab and Sindh ? Its biased that we are being ruled on gun power since day first ? Its biased that we have been deprived of all the basic rights and put at least 100 years back than other parts of your country ?
    What are the facts ? Would you kindly tell us the facts than?

    • What I am yelling or striking my head to your baloch wall fro last week is??
      These are not facts??or what else I am presenting to you here for last two weeks.A lone fighter of your forum:(
      Really you are not acknowledging effort of punjbai lady due to your conservative ethnic touch.So sad to hear this!
      I again say you are deprived by your crook leadership which is further cemented by Pak army and now baloch people have become like anarkali of Pakistan who are being tried to put behind walls by Mughal emperor.

  14. It is the fact that you are only fighter on my forum , If I did not acknowledge your efforts for seeking truth I would never answered you. I do respect you as any one of my friends . If any of my comments feel you hurt , I really apologies for that .Probably I am not good at expressing myself .

    You are very right in your words of Mughal emperor , but Baloch do reserve the right to resist please respect the right of resistance of oppressed people.

  15. There is nothing to apologize in my words but I am telling you that I have picked from real events.I cant quote the words of my real support as he doesn’t want this to appear under his name but he is totally showing me opposite to what you are saying.Like you he claimed that all such operation are either conducted to rescue kidnap victims or by chasing foot prints of arms smugglers.Th intelligence source of all such attacks have come from intelligence agencies and they also depend or use local people for following the people involved in kidnapping, smuggling or other anti state agencies.

  16. chasing whom? bombarding and destroying the whole villages speak the truth itself Nazia.
    Recent operation of “Totak ” village is another example of managed genocide.

  17. Pakistani military started his operation in Tutak region of Khuzdar district in Balochistan in search of few wanted men.As these tirbes are armed so they used strong tactics first to secure their personals who are also being targettedon daily basis there.
    In my obseravtion Pakistani security forces have carried out only 10 hour long search operation in Tutak region of Khuzdar district on Friday . BSO- organiser Tutak zone Naeem Baloch and Yahya Baloch a member of BSO were killed during the military offenses. Around 50 vehicles of security forces taken part in the operation in the early hours of Friday morning and besieged the entire area barring anyone from entering the leaving the town.
    So it happens in military operation.Nobody can bring flowers via military boots and vehicles and again in this 10 hr operation where is your local leadership??

  18. lols when you know hundreds of vehicles of armed forces were there than how the hell local leadership could approach ? What was the sin of locals whose houses been burnt ? The rockets and mortar shells been fired for which purpose?

    • In one side PAK army is reaching there in large number vehicles on other side armed group under the local leadership is destroying pipe lines or planting bombs which are just killing locals or poor servicemen who have no vision that they are using as bait or providing numbers to causality.
      Your sin is your ignorance by considering idols as ideals is one of stupid characteristic we Pakistani or balochi have without any remorse.
      The rocket or mortal shell has become common practice in military combats as they have completely lack ground attacks once they had strong repute more than developed country through British training.So it is strong weakness of weak army that on the name of self defense and judging the military level of enemy they directly come to attack via rockets and mortal shells.

  19. Nazia this weakness made us to think separation . If we are killed of no sin than let there be the sin of freedom fight in our account .

    • Separation is not solution of your problem, separation weakens the national goals and chances of more fragmentation is possible under armed groups, illiterate class and selfish sardars having no vision of human development.

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