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Pakistan continues abductions, kill and dump policy of Baloch student and political activists

In abductions, Baloch genocide, Baloch Martyers, Disappearences, FC on February 11, 2011 at 10:05 am

Two bullet-riddled bodies found near Turbat, three missing person found in severely injured condition, BRP member attack and wounded in Mashky, a resident of Pasi town of Balochistan has been abducted from Hub town.

Occupied Balochistan: Pakistan’s spy agencies tortured to death another two Baloch missing persons whose bodies were found from the Herrnok area, around 40 kilometres away from Turbat city, on Thursday morning. The incident triggered violence in Awaran, Mashkey and Turbat where two government offices and a Balochistan Rural Support Programme (BRSP) office were set on fire.

According to sources, a passer-by spotted the bodies and informed the Turbat Levies Thana. Levies official rushed to the spot and took the bodies to the Civil Hospital Turbat, where they were identified as comrade Abdul Qayyum, leader of the Baloch Student Organization (BSO-Azad) in Gwadar, and Jamil Yaqoob, a member of the Turbat zone of Balochistan National Party (BNP -Mengal). Hospital sources said comrade Qayyum received five bullets in his upper torso while Jamil Ahmed received three bullet wounds.

Family sources said Qayyum was taken from his residence in Gwadar on December 11. “Security personnel had arrested Qayyum and killed him during his illegal detention,” they said, adding that the case was also registered against FC personnel in the Gwadar Police Station.

Meanwhile sagaar publications, BSO-Azad’s official website, reported that the Organisation’s CC member Comerade Qayum Baloch was abducted on December 11, 2010 by Pakistan army from his house in Gawader and he was kept in segregation for 61 days. During the two months his whereabouts remained unknown to the BSO-Azad and his family members neither did he had any access to a legal representation. His brutally tortured and riddled with bullets body was found on Thursday Morning (10/02/2011) in herronk area near Turbat. “Marks of horrific torture on body of Qayum Baloch prove that during his detention period he had been subjected to severe torture and inhuman treatment”, sagaar reports read.

Qayum Baloch was one of the most politically conscience and active member of BSO-azad in Gwader area. Apart from being politically active Mr Baloch was also an active social worker and an advocate of human rights, a friend to almost every resident in his home city, Gawader.

Apart from this murder, another body was found in Heronk, which was identified as Jameel Yaqoob Baloch, who was abducted by Pakistan on 28th of August 2010, from Turbat. Jameel Yaqoob Baloch was a labor, working on wages to help his family. His body was severely tortured as Qayum Baloch’s was.

The statement published on the official website of BSO-azad further read that “Qayum Baloch’s murder certainly raises serious questions on the willingness or ability of the international peace rights campaigners to bring an end to the Human Rights abuses in Balochistan. Baloch Student Organization (Azad) believes that each of its activist, along with the support of the Baloch masses would continue the struggle of Kamber Chaker, Qayum Baloch, Sohrab Marri Baloch, Sami Baloch, Bebagr Baloch, Zahoor Baloch, Abid Rasool Baloch, Asim Kareem Baloch, young Majeed Baloch, Sikander Baloch, Junaid Baloch, Ilyas Nazar Baloch and all other prestigious names who have sacrificed their lives for liberation of their motherland and for creating a society based on justice and equality.

Three missing persons found in severely injured condition: Three Baloch disappeared person have been found in a critically wounded condition on National high at Jeewa Cross between Tuesday and Wednesday night. The victims hands were tied behind and they were blind folded. Levis staff has brought them to Suraab Police station.

The three badly injured youth have been identified as Sohrab Khan S/O Mir Jan Samali of Nemurgh region of Kalat town who has been abducted from Hub Chowki about one month ago, Shahzad Nadeem S/O Khan Mohammad Essazai as resident of Besima who had been abducted from a Hotel in Quetta along with Balochi folk singer Ali Jan Essazai Baloch in second week of January. The third victim has been named as Wali Mohammad S/O Mohammad Ismael Miragi a resident of Saarona area of Khuzdar. He was also abducted from Hub industrial town of Balochistan about one month ago.

On one their alive recovery send waves of happiness to their families whereas on the other hand all three youth are stated to be in critical condition. It must be mentioned here that last monthMr.Nasir Dagarzai was also found in a severely injured condition. According online Radio Gwank Balochistan, Nasir Baloch had been shot in the neck and legs but he survived miraculously. However, he had later succumbed to his injuries due to constant bleeding.

BRP member attacked in Mashky: unknown armed men open fire at a member of BRP (Baloch Republican Party), Liaqat Baloch here on Wednesday on his way back from Gujar Bazaar. The masked man fired live rounds at the BRP leader; Mr Baloch was immediately taken to Mashky’s Gujar Hospital where according doctor his condition is critical but stable.

Resident of Pasni abducted from Hub: Mr Abid Bashir Baloch a resident of Pasi town of Balochistan has been abducted by Pakistani security forces from Hub town. According to detail Mr Abid along with a cousin was travelling by his own car from Karachi to Pasi on Thursday night. When they arrived at Baba-e-Balochistan roundabout in Hub industrial town of Balochistan their car was stopped by personnel of security forces.

The forces after checking the IDs of both men have dragged Mr Abid out of his car and put him into another vehicle already parked alongside the road. They, however, allowed his cousin Mr Dad Baksh to continue his journey. The family of detained Baloch youth have register a case against his abduction at Hub police station.

  1. All stories are same for outsiders like me and only names are being replaced.The thing which lacks is reason behind abduction.Security forces do all on the basis of intelligence network and it also depends on local politics that makes these people under observation for some reasons and very serious reasons for abduction.
    Go for reasons not incidents.

  2. Reason is obvious , every incident speaks of genocide .
    What sort of reason you want to see behind?

    • No reason is obvious.All is not in same queue as you are repeating.Whole Pakistan is facing these scenes of mass killing any time and any where .Main reason is lawlessness and poor management which give way to all criminal minded people to take personal revenges and put blame to notorious groups.but in Baluchistan political leader ship has main contribution for escalating this culture and you are not in mood of confessing this.By the way have you got any information how bramdagh bugtis passing his happy times in Alps mountains??

  3. Intelligence , security forces and local stooges , what ever it is the result is a Baloch Genocide , carried out with very brutalized possible act . We know we are being killed for no sin other than being Baloch .

    • wrong wrong and very wrong judgment as long list of Punjabis have been victim of target killings.The rest of family members are blaming to baloch gangs related to land mafias so you are throughout giving me biased statements that is why I have switched to military people directly who are involved in this operation

  4. Well when did i refuse the target killing of Punjabi , the people who proved to be agents of Army are targeted . I never heard of any land mafia related to Baloch separatists , if you know any I will be glad to know the names .

  5. Long time living there as professors, doctors and simple business men were agents of army .This is revealed by high profile intelligence of baloch rebels and give genuine clues about them??
    I think you are expert in making statement like ISPR spokesman who were once specialist of throwing all curses to INDIAN agents in even tiny, untraceable disturbances on Pakistan.
    You would see crystal clear the day you will take off goggles of ethnicity from your eyes that killings have been done other than ethnic difference in you areas.In our side here religious gild is being used to give cover to almost all target and suicidal killings.

  6. What do you think workers of Al shams and Al Badar were imported from west Pakistan to east Pakistan? Were they not living there since long ? What did they do their in Bengladesh ?
    If the role of such people need any ISPR Type statements ?

  7. By the way why do not you curse the Pakistan acting as sole Punjabi since its creation . For me being a Baloch is matter of pride .

  8. My latest obseravtion on tragic killing of mardan base directly attacked on wrong notion of miltiary slogans in critcal areas.

    So I am cursing weak political setup which is trying to impose in all Pakistan by political leaderships who first get the trust of public by all hook and crook politics and then pave way for militarism.

  9. Well political leadership is corrupt , Military is cruel , constitution is biased ,civil bureaucracy is monarchist, whats left in your nation to integrate ?
    Why should not we get rid of such a state which portrays nothing but just the warlords , and mafias ?

  10. This is normal working of govt under corrupt leadership thatis influenced by super powers.So it is will of people that would develop the integration of any nation.Local politics which should have positive vision of changing the corrupt supremacy of warlords, feudal and mafias can bring the change.I have kept no other option in my mind other than living and dying in this country and I am stick to my policy with dark and bright shades of optimism.

  11. Same we are intact with our land , we do live and we want to die at our own land . We are struggling for the same just right.

    • No not like us you are taking arms against state and we are favoring rule of law to be imposed on all factions of state matters.
      Taking arms against state means you are instigating armed army of state and that is what political leadership wanted for many years or beofre creation of Pakistan.

  12. What the choice is , if state takes arms against innocent people ? If we just close our eyes and hold our hands up in the air , welcome the bullets to our head as they are fired by a sacred army of an Islamic State ? If you suggest such a bravery , than I am really sorry to say that we are not brave and patriot enough .
    I wish you may never get forced to the situation as ours , otherwise you will prefer the same way die as we did.

  13. The report, titled ‘Their Future at Stake’ documents the killings of at least 22 teachers and other education personnel between January 2008 and October 2010. Militant groups have also attacked a number of schools in Balochistan, which has impacted the education of the province’s population. The instability has led to schools only being open in Balochistan for 120 days in 2009, compared to 220 days in the rest of the country.

    The education department under baloch leaders (like Zubaida jalal a richest lady of Pakistan )lacks leadership. It is badly affected by corruption and bad governance. It is even incapable of utilizing its annual budget.
    Killing of the provincial minister for education Shafiq Ahmed and professor Nazima Talib of Baluchistan university are clear indicators of the worsening state of affairs there.
    Since 2008, more than 200 teachers and professors mostly belong to Punjab have either transferred to Quetta or left the process and almost 200 others are in the process of transferring.
    Teachers, most of whom were Punjabis until recently, have been the major target of these nationalists like BLA and BLM.
    All are part of intellgence netwrok???
    This is typical strategy of ruling mafias that first hit the educational resources of public given to them by govt.
    I can apprehend all situation in my side too but I have confidence upon the education level of whole Punjab that is better than your side so people can throw the table of ruling mafia any time.Chaudrys example is in front of whole Pakistan.
    So lets hope for good and planning for worst is need of time and I wish you people can think of that strategy too.

  14. Nazia not only education system of Punjab is better than us but every system is more developed than Balochistan . Its because the state ever secured the interests of Punjab . Thats what brought us up to this sense of alienation .
    Madam when 300000 men of your regular armies are involved in the self imposed war in Balochistan you think 200 spy are more than required . This is just the exposed number of agents and we believe there are hundreds of agents and spys still under cover .
    If you remember the march 71 killings of Dhaka University , it won`t be difficult for you that your armies target the universities and education institutions first .
    For zubeda jalal , madam who brought her ? The Balochs never knew her name before , was she a political figure ? This is the continuation of Army establishment . Zubeda Jalal was not only one we are facing such characters from day first till date .

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