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The Occupying States’ Ongoing Crimes in Baluchistan

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The Occupying States’ Ongoing Crimes in Baluchistan

(International Voice of Baloch Missing Persons )

In the artificially structured boundaries of the states of Pakistan and Iran one thing that has no value is human lives. Both states are equipped to their teeth with modern armaments, Jihadist mercenaries and a medieval religious creed. They have used this cocktail of destruction to justify their untold atrocities. The Baluch people under illegal occupation of these unruly states have been among those who have suffered the most. Many hundreds and thousands of Baluch political and social activists have been abducted, displaced, tortured, disappeared and killed by these occupying states.

Enforced disappearance has become the daily experience of Baluch people living under occupation of these Islamic fundamentalist states. Over 8,000 Baluch activists have been abducted and disappeared in Eastern occupied Baluchistan since the year 2000. Families of these victims are not provided with any information about the missing persons. The families are threatened by security forces with dire consequences if they highlight the plight of their loved ones. From the last six months Pakistani state and military establishment have altered their policy about the abducted Baluch political and human rights activists. They have been imitating the policy of their replica counterpart, the Islamic regime of Iran. Ever since its creation, the Iranian Islamic government has been employing the ‘kill and dump’ policy against many of its opponents.

As result of this policy from July 2010 up to the present day Pakistani military agencies have killed and dumped over 100 Baluch activists. The victims of this policy for the year 2011, which barely a month is passed, are over 15 persons.

On 3 January 2011 five Baluch youths after leaving a public meeting were followed and attacked by Pakistani agencies in Karachi. Faraz Baluch, a member of BSO-Azad died in hospital from his injuries and Bilal Baluch, Umair Baluch, Salman Baluch and Saddam Baluch were kept under intensive care and survived this vicious attack.

On 4 January 2011 Pakistani security forces abducted Haji Nasir, and two teenage students, Ehsanullah and Khair Jan in Gawader. On the same day the severely tortured bodies of two prominent young Baluch political leaders were found in Pedarak area of Turbat. The victims were identified as Qamber Chakar Baluch 24 and Ilyas Nazar Baluch 26. Both victims were MSc students and a member of BSO- Azad. Qambar Chakar was abducted by Pakistan secret forces before on 10 July 2009 but was released without any charges on 22 April 2010. He was re-abducted on 26 November 2010 from Shai Tump Turbat. Ilyas Nazar Baluch was a Journalist for a Baluchi language magazine Dhorant. He was abucted on 22 December 2010 from a coach at Badok near Pasni.

Mohammad Sadiq Langov was abducted on 12 January 2011 and the bullet-riddled bodies of two Baluch traders, Taj Mohammad Marri and Meer Jan Marri were found from Bal Ghatar area of Panjgur on 8 January 2010. Pakistani security forces shot dead Sarvar Jamaldini and injured his companion in the same day in Taftan.

On 15 January 2011 Hashim Baluch, another Baluch teenage student, was abducted from an internet cafe in Hub. In the same day the body of the teenage member of BSO-Azad, Zakaria Zehri was recovered from Soorab area of Kalat. He was only 15 years old and was missing for over a month. Another victim whose body was recovered on the same day was Ghulam Hussain Mohammad Hasani. His body was found under a bridge in Singdaas area of Kalat.

The body of Mumtaz Kurd was found in Mastung on 20 January 2011. The two bodies of Baluch missing persons, Ahmed Dad Baluch and Naseer Kamalan, were found near Syedabad 23 miles away from Ormara on 17 January 2010. Ahmed Dad Baluch was abducted on 3 October 2010 and Naseer Kamalan on 5 November 2010. Both victims were well known Baluch political leaders. Naseer Kamalan was a senior leader of Baluch National Movement and he was also an inspiring Baluchi language poet. On the same day of discovery of the bodies of these two Baluch political leaders, Pakistan Frontier Corps (FC) attacked Kashi Nulla area of Dera Bugti. During the attack they killed Shakeel Baluch and injured and arrested Gabro and Sabz Ali Baluch.

Pakistani security forces raided the house of Mr Awal Khan Bugti on 21 January 2011. As he was not at home at the time of the raid Pakistan military officials abducted his wife Mai Hanifa.

Mohammad Azam Baluch was abducted by Pakistani secret agencies around 20 January 2011 from Suraab and his bullet riddled body was found near Kalat in Marjan National Highway on 25 January 2011. On the same day Abdul Rauf Qambari was abducted from Wahero area of Wadh in Balochistan. Abdul Rauf is the cousin of Waheed Qambarani, a Baluch teacher, whose mutilated body was found a month earlier.

On Monday 24 January 2011 four more Baluch youths were abducted from Tasp area of Panjgur. They were named as Waqeer, Shamsheer, Sagaar and abdul Malik. These teenage Baluch students were released few days after suffering violent physical and psychological ordeal. A day earlier, on 23 January 2011 the body of Ali Jan Kurd was recovered from Aktharbad area of Quetta, the capital of Balochistan. He was abducted by Pakistan security forces on 23 November 2010 near Sibbi. Ali Jan Kurd was only 18 years old and was a regional president of Baluch Students Organization – Azad.

Two lifeless Baluch youths were recovered on Thursday morning of 27 January 2011 in Gwargo area of Panjgur. The youths were shot and severely tortured. One of the victims, Abid Rasool Baksh Baluch a 17 year student and member of BSO-Azad, was already dead but Nasir Dagarzai was still alive. These two Baluch students were abducted along their fellow students Mehrab Baluch and Abid Saleem Baluch from the residence of Naser Dagarzai Baluch on 23 January 2011.

On 4 February 2011 three bodies were recovered from Khuzdar. The victims were identified as Hamid Issazai, Lal Khan Sumalani and Mir Khan Sumalani. Few days earlier also, on 1 February, the body of the Baluch popular singer Ali Jan Issazai was discovered in Kanak area of Khuzdar. Ali Jan and Shahzad Nadeem were abducted by Pakistani secret agencies from a hotel in Quetta on 10 January 2011.

The occupying states have increased their systematic brutality against the Baluch to an alarming level. Baluch children are not even spared from the wrath of the fundamentalist states of Iran and Pakistan. In the Western occupied Baluchistan, Amin Noraee a 16 year student was killed by the Islamic regime of Iran security forces in 1980 in Sarawan. Another teenage Baluch political activist, Khosro Mobarki, was arrested and after enduring months of torture was executed in 1981. In March 2008 Iranian security abducted Ebrahim Mehrnehad age 16. Ebrahim is the brother of Baluch journalist and civil rights activist Yaguob Mehrnehad who was executed by the Iranian government on 4 August 2008. Another Baluch child who has been abducted by the Islamic regime security forces is Mohammad Saber Malk Raisee. At the time of his arrest on 24 September 2009 he was only 16 years old.

In the Eastern occupied Baluchistan the Pakistani rulers have launched an open war against the Baluch youths and children. Large number of Baluch political and human rights activists who have been made disappeared tortured and killed have been among Baluch children.

In addition to the names of the Baluch youths cited above, Pakistani security forces abducted 17-year old Jamal Baluch on 4 October 2010. He was injected with unknown substance and subjected to extreme torture to such an extent that he has become partially paralyzed.

Abdul Majeed Baluch, a member of BSO-Azad was abducted by Pakistani Frontier Corps on 18 October 2010. Pakistani security forces murdered him and dumped his tortured body in the Koshak River at Khuzdar district on 24 October 2010. Another Baluch child and political activist, Mohammad Khan Zohaib was abducted in July 2010 by the same agencies. His mutilated body was found in Khuzdar on 20 October 2010. They were both 14 years old.

The house of Mir Ayub Gichiki was attacked by occupying security forces on 1 December 2010. In the attack Pakistani forces killed five Baluch political activists in the house. Among the victims were two of Mr Gichiki’s teenage sons, Murad Jan and Zubiar Gichki.

This policy is the natural outcome of the forceful occupation of Baluch homeland and the resistance of the native Baluch against occupying states. The most valuable assets of a society are its inspiring and forward-looking children. Premeditated and systematic infliction of pain to the tender body of a child and then murdering him or her in the most gruesome way, by organised state sponsored military forces, is only done and justified by these and similar occupying fundamentalist fascist states. We urge all Baluch to recognise the gravity of situation in Baluchistan and get united to put an end to occupying state barbarism against our people and children.

  1. For your easy compilation I can give you an easy way that only make standard data sheet of poor baloch young men who are being victimized but whom still not clear but as you are local living in Karachi and have all kind of prompt data available handle in some kind of data base sheet and fill it accordingly with such columns
    like name of victims. area or tribe they belong, age, education, abductor, probable reason of killing or any information reading.
    I am still unable to get the trend of killing as being outsider and telling you reality that still no solid reason and evidence has come out that why these boys are being trapped by Pak agencies.No small group or even a tribe can be threat of strong mafia of army establishment so it is not getting its shape on your such kind of monotonous blame games.Last week I have read a UN report of protection of widows of different areas where they had made some camps in Bajur and Quetta areas to give shelter the widows of target killing or family feuds.But it was so disappointment response come to that shelter homes where number of ladies cant be raised by 4 05 as local representatives never allowed widows to adopt such kind of protective state living.So who tried to reach there were either killed or abducted by local influential peoples and keeping them in slavery.Some of the widows interview were also recorded in this report where it was clear mentioned that their husbands were either killed on family feuds or by local sardars under whom they worked as bonded labors and they tried to fled due to non payment of salaries

    • Nazia there is a base sheet maintained with few columns , only reason of abduction is not included as it is never disclosed by the security forces. Your concern of tribal feud is a serious issue but these Balochs are from different tribes , abducted from different areas , even most of them are from Makran , a non tribal belt so the issue of tribal feud is over ruled . Abductions in such a large number clearly state well manged planing , such a planning and management is not possible by tribal heads .

  2. If you have data sheet available then try to bring it here or send me and then see how I would bring conclusions based on your right feed back.I would surely try to reach in their homes where young people are being targeted and you are still unable to give me real reasons behind killing and abducting.
    I give you another example of a missing case whom I met during long march.
    The simple family of a boy who was missing for last 5 years was sure that his son had an affair with daughter of senior military officer based on Mangla or Tarbella cantonment (forgotten exact area)That boy was simple employee of military office who some how managed a successful love affair with daughter of senior army officer and that had annoyed a lot to whole family of girl. As they couldn’t harm their daughter So that boy having weak background was abducted on terrorism charges as they knew that they were really simple and humble family of Hazara who cant chase the superior groups of establishment.I really had lot of sympathies for the simple ladies of his family but this chaos like situation is best for taking all kind of personal revenge.

  3. Well I will send you the properly sorted data , If you can be of any help I will be really grateful.

    • I will try to give you assessment on the basis of information supplied in the form of data where even tribe links of victims are also mentioned. I have no experience of directly handling the baloch family as in my university lives baloch students were not mixed with locals of Punjab.But I have reasonable family circle working in Baluchistan so I would take help from them if I am able to get some conclusion from your authentic information.

  4. Nazia I have given the link of the data published by a local news paper please review it .

  5. Yes it looks sufficient but I need some time to evaluate some kind of trend.But in rough way you can conclude that most men are mazdoor ,kissan and herd keepers. which are not important for agencies to hold.In punjab and sindh side these people are abducted on the basis of fueds like woman, money issues or gangs who are looking for limb or body parts like kidney, liver or having rare blood pick such guys.
    Lots of house wives are missing and in our history of working of agencies they are least bothered to hold women in their custody .
    so just a rough view but not any final conclusion.
    One thing you noticed data is extremely random like fathers sir name is not matching with sons’ names .I mean caste of father and sons are not matching.But it need some time to get some evaluation from this data of missing people.

  6. Well Nazia let me clear a few confusions .
    @ cast / surname . A few people are called by casts and some by clans . As gazzaini is a clan of Marri tribe , so Gazzaini and Marri are not different , in Baloch society people are called by casts , surnames or even the family names.
    @ Abduction of house wives : This is practice of Bengladash and just a tactic to pressurize the families .
    @ fear of feud over money / land / women : Baloch in entire history never abducted the rivals , it is considered worst in Baloch code. Even the killing of the son of Nawab Bugti been owned and Balochs do own what ever they do , so such a fear dose not exist .
    Most of the people are abducted in front of their families and neighborers , so its not just blaming any one else .
    This data is only a small account provided by only one group .
    Any ways take your time in data analyses.

  7. The Baloch nation for many generation is adhere to a clan-like structure and code of honor called mayar, and have typical Baloch hierarchy and allegiance to Sardars and subordinate Waderas. The Sardars remain prominent in the province even the British boosted their authority. Few sardars encouraged development and progress of their respective regions but majority disliked federal or military initiates fearing that development of their regions will result in them losing their traditional and unquestionable authority over the local population. As found in Baluchistan development Government has tried multiple approaches to appease both the local population and the tribal Sardars who exert considerable influence but the things are going towards negative side. In these circumstances and to put water on the fires burning in the province government of Pakistan needs a comprehensive approach which must include proper evaluation.Baloch are by nature warrior and are not like unarmed and deprived Bengali who can sit quietly on the wrong actions of military.Neither it is like 1970 where influence of electronic media was negligible.So things are not as simple as you are trying to present. so I am taking my time to give you some reasonable answers which you are still unable to provide me.

  8. Thanks for taking time.

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